The Ultimate Prize ~ August 29

The Ultimate Prize


The Lord gives strength to his people; the Lord blesses his people with peace.   Psalm 29:11

It seems the same theme, from all parts of the Bible, just keeps coming at me. In today’s verse—another simple truth—we are told the Lord gives us strength, and he blesses us with peace. I believe that one word, “gives”, is the key. I also believe we are required to do very little in order to receive God’s gifts; simply believe Jesus died so we might be forgiven our sins, and love God.

When we do those two things, God will fill us with His love and Spirit, and we will receive His strength. When we have the strength of God within us, we will fear nothing, and we will experience the gift of peace God has provided us.

Peace is the ultimate prize and victory. In a world gone seemingly mad, to have the peace of God and the knowledge that He is ultimately in charge, is priceless. With God, there is no fear; love and hope are abundant, and joy and peace are our blessing.


  1. Sherry Mashburn said

    God’s peace brings freedom

  2. I fear for those who don’t believe. . .for you put it so well. . .”With God, there is no fear; love and hope are abundant, and joy and peace are our blessing.”

  3. Hi Charles; Congradulations.. another great article my friend… really enjoy’d this… Blessings.. Bro Pat

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