I Like My Chances! ~ September 10

I Like My Chances!

Because I’m betting on a sure thing!

Be strong and take heart, all you who hope in the Lord.     Psalm 31:24

Is there truly any hope, other than hope in God? It seems that to hope in anything other than God is futile. How can there be hope if there is no way to gain whatever it is we desire, whether it be possession or achievement. To have hope it seems we must hope in a higher power—God—or we hope at the mercy of mere chance.

If our hope is based on chance, the odds of achieving good results will be very poor. But when we hope in the Lord, knowing He is capable of any and all things—even miracles—our odds for a favorable result go up tremendously.

I suppose we can hope based on our own ability to achieve, or hope based on another person providing what we need. Depending on your ability, or the other person’s ability, the odds for success would probably be better than those attained by mere chance.

But when we hope in the Lord, we are able to stand strong and take heart, knowing He is well able to provide for us.

Hope in the Lord is faith, and I am fond of saying, “Faith is not our believing God can—it is our knowing He will.”


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  1. Sherry Mashburn said

    . . . and He does!

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