This is It? ~ September 30

This is It?

Nope! Definitely not!

My soul faints with longing for your salvation, but I have put my hope in your word. Psalm 119:81

David longed for the salvation God had promised, and sometimes he wanted it so much, he could hardly stand it. But he knew the Lord would fulfill the promise and he put all his faith and hope in God’s word.

I can relate to the way David must have felt. As I navigate through the things of this crazy world, I often think how wonderful it will be when Jesus finally comes back, and we can begin our time with Him. I don’t know exactly what awaits us, but I know it will be more awesome than anything we can imagine. How can we not wait longingly for that?

I can’t even think of anything to compare it to. I can come up with nothing I have ever waited for, or longed for, that even compares—except maybe Christmas when I was a little boy. Sadly, I remember many Christmases that were a letdown. I remember waiting anxiously for days, then getting up early Christmas morning and rushing to see what was beneath the tree. But then, many times, after all the presents were open—even though the things we’d received were good things—there was a feeling of, “this-is-it?”

When Jesus comes, or when our life on this earth is done, there won’t be a letdown or this-is-it feeling. Nope! I can guarantee that won’t be the case.


  1. poetryroad said

    For many moments I just sat here…silently…thinking of your words! Very true and thought provoking. Thanks for the reminder of what is to come!

  2. Faye said

    That is a good comparison – Christmas. I think of the anticipation of my two children and all seven of my grandchildren. It can’t possibly compare to the anticipation of Christ’s return or when my earthly life shall end. It is hard to comprehend the ultimate joy, rejoicing and never havin the struggles we have here on earth. Thank you for the reminder!

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