Where No One Lives

Kellie’s back, and Free Write Friday is on! For those who don’t know, Kellie has been out of pocket for a month or so, and we have missed her dearly! For her weekly Free Write Friday return edition, she has given us a one word prompt: Abandoned. (That’s how we–her fans and followers–felt while she was gone!) Seems she and her family went on vacation, came back, and then started a remodel on their home. THEN, they promptly encountered serious problems, which resulted in them not being able to live in their house for several weeks. Yikes! Anyway, I might write something new for FWF later today, but for now, I’m going to share this favorite old poem of mine with you. I think Kellie has probably read it, but I bet it will have a whole new meaning to her now!

Where No One Lives


Wind shrieks through broken windows

           A house where no one lives

               Rusted wheel cries out an answer

                           From a well that no water gives

The painting is “Forever Yesterday” by Evelyn Peters, and the painting and poem hang side by side on our living room wall. It almost seems the poem was written about the painting, but it wasn’t.


Leafless tree that once bore fruit

Alone in a weed filled yard

Long since dead and barren

Lifeless limbs are grey and hard

                                       Splintered door on rusted hinge

                         Sings a mournful song then closes

               By the porch a broken trellis

Once filled with yellow roses

     Porch swing sits against the wall

            No chains to make it swing

                    No lovers or children to hold

                              When April brings the spring


                                                           Broken boards, once a home

                                                     Shelter, it no longer gives

                                                                Tis but a pile of broken memories

                                                             This house where no one lives

Copyright © 1998 C. Mashburn


  1. It absolutely has meaning to me! That old dried up well certainly echoes my sufferings as of late.
    I like how this, although mournful of things, still has a hope strung into it with the hymn like rhyming. Nice work as always, Charles. I missed you too! xox

    • Thank you, Kellie. I hope things are finally getting back to normal for you and your family!

  2. Sherry Mashburn said

    So evocative . . .

  3. Mark said

    Tis but a pile of broken memories! So much like life sometimes, great writing Charles!

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