Okay, I Forgive You ~ October 27

Okay, I Forgive You

But, don’t do that again!

For the law was given through Moses; grace and truth came through Jesus Christ. John 1:17

Some of the synonyms for grace are kindness, favor, mercy and pardon. They all apply well to God’s grace, but I think the last one—pardon—is the best.

When a person commits a crime and is sent to prison for an established number of years, they can be released if they are granted a pardon, which absolves them of the crime they committed and allows them to return to their former life. Of course, they are expected to return to that former life and not commit any crimes.

Sometimes we tend to think we can operate outside God’s laws without consequence. I actually believe this to be somewhat true, but certainly not advisable. Granted, God knows we are not perfect, and as hard as we try, we will make mistakes. But to make those mistakes purposefully, thinking all we have to do is repent and ask forgiveness again and again…. I’m not so sure that’s the way it works, and I’m certainly not inclined to test the theory.

I believe if we focus on loving God, we won’t have to try and obey God’s laws, because we will want to obey them.

That’s my story; and yes, I’m sticking to it.

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