A Boatload of Memories

I wrote this in story form a few years ago, but it fits this week’s dVerse Poet Pub’s “Poetics” prompt, so I poeticized it this morning. The dVerse prompt was titled “Missing You”, and if there’s one thing I miss more than any other, it’s the good old days and those fun times with my aunts, uncles, cousins, and the rest of my extended family. We’re scattered all over the country these days, and it just don’t seem right.

A Boatload of Memories


It was just an old boat

Leaning sadly to one side

Weeds grown up all around it

Paint chipped and faded

Motor gone


As I stood on the path gazing at it

I saw my Uncle Marvin

Driving the boat, grinning

Pulling me and Ed around the lake

Me and Ed wearing matching grins

That wouldn’t come off for days


Summer days when we were kids

Man… them was the good old days

Riding in the car

Me and Ed huddled at the window

Watching for that first glimpse of water


Then… screaming in unison

There it is!

Shimmering in the noonday sun

The cool water calling our names

As we jostled and giggled

In giddy adolescent anticipation


Yes, just an old boat

Forlorn in the lakeside weeds

A faded forgotten relic to some

But a boatload of memories to me

I miss those childhood days


Copyright © 2012 C Mashburn


  1. a boatload of memories…smiles….i remember trips to the lake in my youth as well…learning how to ski and board behind the boat…or just being out on my Uncle Donnies boat…those are some good memories for me as well charles…

    happy birthday to your grand daughter as well…

  2. poemsofhateandhope said

    Yeah- I’m with you on this one. I’d lve to revisit those days…I love how you capture the summer in this piece …. The boat, the heat….it’s that perfect nostalgia …. We need to hold on to these memories, they’re important. Great poem Charles- and happy birthday to your daughter! Hope the party wasn’t too tiring!!

  3. Bodhirose said

    We both were late to the party today, Charles; I posted after you. But I loved reading about your boat load of memories…so glad that you have so many! Sounded like lots of fun on that boat…

  4. Sherry Mashburn said

    Wonderfully evocative, Charlie!

  5. Lázaro Rojas said

    Ahh, childhood. So far away, yet so close. Love those kinds of memories. Thanks for sharing!

  6. You’ve got me loving Uncle Marvin and that old boat!

  7. Wonderful memories! It reminds me of ‘papa, mr. catfish and me’ @ http://catnipoflife.wordpress.com/echoes-from-the-past/ Scroll down to mr. catfish:)

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