The Best Christmas Ever

Some of you have seen this poem, but most of the dVerse crowd hasn’t so I’m going to re-run it again. It’s not quite true this year, as Sherry and I are alone on Christmas day for the first time in many years. Mom and Ray have been spending Christmas at our house for close to ten years, and this year they aren’t here. We did get to spend the weekend with them and it was a wonderful couple of days, but the visit was cut short by an approaching storm, and we went our separate ways on Christmas Eve morning, so they could get back to Oklahoma City before the snow started flying. I hope everyone had a great Christmas! Ours was–as usual–the best one ever! I love you, Sherry!

The Best Christmas Ever

I woke up early this morning

As lately I often do

And, as I thought ‘bout the day ahead

I basked in the presence of you


The music of your soft breathing

Put my mind and heart at ease

The feel of you there beside me

Filled me with wonderful peace


This may be the best Christmas ever

Was a thought that ran ‘cross my mind

But then I recalled many others

Sweet memories of mornings so fine


Times as a child when I awoke so excited

Jumped from the bed and rushed to see

The treasures and many wonders

Santa’d left under the tree


But then I wondered if this one

Mom & Ray Christmas 2012 in Denton, Texas

Mom & Ray Christmas 2012 in Denton, Texas

Is the best, with Mom and Ray here

For certainly it’s high on the list

‘tis a blessing to have them near


It was then the answer hit me

That no Christmas could be any better

Than all those I’ve spent with you

Yes, they were all the best Christmas ever


Copyright © 2006 C. Mashburn

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  1. Always wonderful when poetry finds its way into the Christmas season… and this one is brimming with the shared joy of so many seasons past. A heart-warming read!

  2. big smiles…awaking to realize they are right there, the comfort of their soft breathing…nah i can not imagine a christmas much better than they…the greatest of gifts, one more day of the dream with the one you love…smiles.

    merry christmas man

    • Thank you, Brian. Merry Christmas and the best of everything to you and yours.

  3. Yes, being beside the one you love definitely makes it the best Christmas ever! My husband and I, too, spent this Christmas just the two of us. First time in 28 years. Enjoyed the peace and quiet but must admit I missed the family! Ah-h-h! The joy of children’s laughter at Christmas time!

    I truly enjoy your poetry and would like to share one with you focusing on those not at home for Christmas. The inspiration hit me on Christmas Eve so it was written and posted yesterday. Here is the link:

  4. Grace said

    Thanks for sharing your wonderful Christmas memories ~

    Wishing you Blessed holiday ~

  5. Your Christmas sounds wonderful, it’s so special to be with those you love. I’ve got to say, this Christmas for me goes down as the best one! Merry Christmas to you and Sherry, have a wonderful day. 🙂

  6. Mary said

    I love the way you think, Charles. Each Christmas with your wife is the best one ever!! As well it should be. Merry Christmas, Charles, and many more best Christmases to you.

  7. Susan said

    We had a new born guest this Christmas, more magic than I have ever dreamed of!

  8. jasmine calyx said

    Precious! I love this:

    “And, as I thought ‘bout the day ahead
    I basked in the presence of you”

  9. So whose presence did you bask in?
    Mom’s, Ray’s (who is that?), Santa’s, the Tree?

    Those mornings are fine indeed.
    Nice Christmas wrapping colors on your words !

  10. ash said

    Christmas spent with loved ones is definately a memorable one.. Nice rhyme and poetry

  11. vidyatiru said

    Yes, they were all the best Christmas ever..
    loved this..

  12. ayala said

    Beautiful write !

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