All Wrapped up~ December 27

All Wrapped up

And tied with a neat little bow

As it is written: “There is no one righteous, not even one; and the way of peace they do not know.” Romans 3:10 and 17

We are all sinners and fall short, and we do not know how to have peace in our lives and hearts. We have the opportunity but we, being the mere mortals we are, do not know how to get hold of it, and after we have it, how to keep it.

We cannot work our way to righteousness, but when we seek God, and seek diligently to love Him, righteousness will be given to us. It’s a matter of realizing that loving God is the key. When we love him and He lives within us, we begin to become more like Him. When that process begins, He not only wraps us in His righteousness, but He completes the package with a nice little bow called peace.

I don’t consider myself righteous, and I still struggle to be at peace. Even when I manage to find peace, I have difficulty holding onto it. But even so, I strain toward it, keeping my eyes and heart set on Jesus. When at last I look into His eyes, I will see the place where peace lives; it lives in Him and in the hearts of those that love Him.

No, I am not righteous, but peace I intend to know.


  1. r2a2r2j258 said

    Thank you I needed to read this. I am going to appreciate the peace that I have in my life right now. Sometimes because we come through the struggles, we forget to take a breath and just be with God and be at peace when we have it. I got wrapped up in the dramas of life and then missed the drama now that it is gone! I am blessed with peace today.

    • Awesome! I am always blessed to know someone is encouraged by what I’ve written!

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