And I Am Weary

What is love? A question with many answers; all incomplete and some terribly far from the truth. I surely don’t know what love is, but I hope to find out.

And I Am Weary

Confusion mixed with yearning

The thundering beat of a racing heart

An aching soul in search of a soothing salve

A treasure sought then stumbled upon

In the form of a mystery in need of solving


What is love really

The desire to possess someone

Or the desire to set them free

A thing of no substance or definition

That can neither be taught nor learned

And so can we say we have ever experienced it


There is something frightening about love

It is somehow wild and uncontrollable

And cannot be constrained by logic

And so it must be set free

For if it be owned it cannot survive

If caged… its spirit will die


Free, perhaps, as a toddler is free

Free to explore the room

Knowing the parent is near at hand

Knowing he is protected

Knowing he can circle back to his protector

Lay his head upon a knee

Allowing it to be stroked gently

Then roam again to see what more

Lies beyond the comfort of that touch


God says we must come to Him as little children

I think I see now… what He means

And I feel the need to lay my head upon His knee

For I have roamed too long

And I am weary

I have heard it said

He… is love


Copyright © 2012 C Mashburn


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  1. Sherry Mashburn said

    Beautiful, Charlie!!

  2. touching close on this….and i like your look at coming to him as a child…there are times i def need that…probably more than i will admit…smiles…

    is love really

    The desire to possess someone

    Or the desire to set them free…like your option sin that as well….

  3. tashtoo said

    He is love! Brilliant, alive, and unconditional…I think our species has taken the easiest thing we know in our hearts to do, and have put so many limitations and restrictions upon it…that no one knows anymore the truth of the emotion…but it is found here, among the confusion, the wondering, in the brilliant close to a fantastic write…loved this! (unconditionally!) 😀

  4. More than all this, too, I feel, and want you to go on. A great attempt to capture love, though.

  5. I,too, have wondered about love 🙂 this one here is a great questioning about love 🙂 i really enjoyed reading it 🙂

  6. Mary said

    You have asked some deep questions here. Love is something we kind of take for granted, but I wonder too….if it is about possession or about freeing! And then I wonder if both parties would agree!

    • I think the answer to your last question is, we have to love the other like there is no tomorrow, but it’s much more complicated than even that.

  7. so loved your ending here

  8. ayala said

    Beautiful, Charles!

  9. …love, i think, is when you don’t seek for anything else.. nor ask… you just let it come and flow to you… and you’ll feel ever grateful & happy for having it before you…. smiles…

  10. “What is love really

    The desire to possess someone

    Or the desire to set them free”

    That line jumped off the page for me. Good stuff!

  11. Raivenne said

    To possess or to set free – Oh I have asked that more than once.

    Love the analogy of the toddler, beautifully done.

  12. Myrna said

    Thank you Charles. This is beautifully written and it’s particularly meaningful to me today. So glad I stopped by.

    • I’m glad you stopped by too, and I’m glad this was meaningful to you. Thank you for the wonderful comment!

  13. How about the desire to enhance the other and the self?

    • An excellent point! This poem is actually written in retrospect. It would be interesting to discuss this subject with a group of serious individuals, and see what might be derived.

    • Oh, and thank you, Kim, for the visit and comment!

  14. rmp said

    lovely. love is definitely a mystery, but you make it a little less so here.

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