Maybe This One

Sometimes opportunity knocks and for varied reasons we choose not to answer. The usual excuse is fear—fear of failure, or of being disappointed. And then there are those times when we choose to move across the room of safe familiarity and open the door; perhaps due to encouragement from a well-meaning acquaintance, only to find beyond the open door a world not meant for or perhaps simply not ready for us or what we have to offer. But if we love to ride, we must climb back into the saddle and continue down the path. We will never reach our destination if we cease to move toward it.

Maybe This One


A banging at the door startled me

And staring at the small peep hole

From my desk across the room

I wondered who it could be


Hesitating and then deciding

I should probably at least

Glance into the beyond

And see who… or what was knocking


Through the peephole of my life

I was amazed to see a celebration

A banner boldly displaying my name

Revelers dancing beneath it


I opened the door slowly

To a chorus of loud cheering

And watched as a woman

Bustled toward me smiling wide


I asked what was going on here

She said a party for me had begun

To celebrate my sure success and fame

My participation was required


I grabbed a pen and boxes of my latest tome

And grinning wildly rushed into the fray

A table was there for me to sell my wares

And I quickly took my seat behind it


Well-wishers stopped by

A handful of books were purchased

Then the last reveler slipped away

Vanishing into my thickening fog of dismay


Leaving the pen on the table

Carrying the almost full boxes

My shoes squeaking with each step

I went back into my room


Closing my door

A bit harder than I’d intended

I hid the box

In the dark of my closet


At my desk once again

I hesitantly began to type

Spirit lifting as words began to flow

Half smiling then, and thinking, maybe this one


Copyright © 2013 C Mashburn


Sharing this on dVerse Poets Pub’s “Meeting the Bar: Creativity” feature. Anna has invited us to write about, “a time when you’ve experienced or championed the immersion of creative flow; the agony, disappointment, or rejuvenation of a creative U-turn”. I may have missed the mark with this one, but I gave it a go.


  1. Susan said

    Bravo! You nailed the experience, hopes and disappointments…Your intro was as grand as your verse!

  2. hahahaha…nice…a littlle glimpse….fame is that fleeting you know…only as good as the last thing you wrote and far too soon forgotten…you did not miss the mark…fun with a point…

  3. Ha! Sounds like a great party. Don’t think you missed the mark. Unfortunately, when I leave parties like this my boxes are full of books that didn’t sell. And they are heavy. (Ha.) Keep it up. k.

    • Same here, k! That’s why I reference hiding the rest of the books in the closet. I’ve got a bunch of ’em!
      Thanks for the visit and comment!

  4. Sherry Mashburn said

    “A celebration of your sure success” . . . ABSOLUTELY!!

  5. claudia said

    smiles…i don’t think you missed the mark…i like that the lifting of the spirit happened when you were alone, typing…think that’s what it is about…it’s not the praise of the others that keep us going but the pure joy of wriiting

    • Exactly! I write because I love to write; success of any kind is just icing on the cake!
      Thanks for the cool prompt and the nice comment, Claudia!

  6. Love the tenacity in that closing stanza. Perseverance pays off eventually. Life will knock us down, but we have to always get back up again. I think you done a great job with the dVerse prompt. Peace, Linda

  7. Kim Nelson said

    Fabulous and fun and full of expectation. I like this very much, Charles. Feel as if I just attended a rockin’ good party. 😉

  8. If we didn’t have that hope against hope within us, why would we bother writing? A really unusual take on this – I enjoyed it very much.

  9. Tony said

    You have books! People have bought your books! You’re way ahead of me, Charles. I still marvel that people head over to my blog to read my stuff for free 🙂

    • Ha! Yes, I have three–two novels and one inspirational book–and have sold a few. And I still marvel that people read my blog, too!
      Thanks, Tony!

  10. Glad you rounded the bend of disappointment, with a never give up attitude…as a cool little fish once said “just keep swimming” Next time that box will be lighter I’m sure. Terrific take on the prompt.

    • It’s a tough gig when you have no name recognition, but no, I won’t give up! NEVAH!
      Thanks, Dianne!

  11. Raivenne said

    Opportunity knocks, fame comes in on a tick, but so quickly tocks; especially to us no names. Yet we pick up our pens and keep on plugging away. Those boxes will get lighter. Love your take on the prompt.

  12. how on target charles, really like this! 😉

    loved the beginning,

    “staring at the small peep hole

    From my desk across the room” –

    what a great way to give perspective to the unknown 😉

    then several touching lines (among the gestalt of all of them) :

    “Through the peephole of my life”


    “My participation was required”

    and of course,

    “Half smiling then, and thinking, maybe this one”

    thanks so much 😉

  13. This is an excellent response, emotionally honest and well told. I also enjoyed your introduction as fear can be such a powerful deterrent to putting ourselves and our work out into the world. I’m happy that you picked up the pen again as the only way forward is through.

    • Oh I never put it down, Anna. I just wrote with a limp for a bit, til I could get my stride back.
      Thanks for the visit and nice comment!

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