Too Much Skin in the Game

I used smokeless tobacco for many years, and probably quit and started again fifteen times before finally putting it down for good. I’ve battled my weight most of my life too, but I think I’ve finally won the battle of the bulge. An unforeseen side effect has reared its ugly head, however; I’ve got too much skin in the game!

I use the term loosely (pun intended), but basically it simply means you have money invested in a financial venture.

I’ve heard the term used in other ways though, usually denoting a person/group is invested or not invested in an activity or situation. For instance, a rabid football fan has no skin in the game, because they’re just a fan. However, watching them worry and fret, writhe in pain, and/or explode in anger when things go against “their” team, one would think they own the franchise.

As for the aforementioned weight loss, seven months ago Sherry and I changed our eating habits. I like to say it’s a non-diet, but I also refer to it as the simple math diet. It’s simple because we simply burn more calories than we consume.

The best thing is we’re able to eat anything we want to, the obvious catch being how much we eat. If we want pizza, we have pizza, but only eat one or two slices, instead of three or four.

To date, I’ve lost 61 pounds and truly believe I won’t put the weight back on. Losing weight slowly is always a good plan, but losing it and still enjoying what you eat is a real incentive to continue it as a lifestyle. Too many times, I crash-dieted, lost a bunch of weight by denying myself the good stuff, and then went right back to my old eating habits.

But here’s the rub; a few weeks ago I was looking in the mirror as I combed my hair, and thought, “What the heck is that hanging under my arms where my triceps are supposed to be?” Upon examination, I determined it was excess skin where my fat used to be! Holy turkey wattles, Batman!

But, hey, I figure the skin will tighten up over time, and I also plan to continue my daily weightlifting routine in hopes I can build muscle to fill the excess skin. In any case, I’m glad I lost the weight!


  1. Susan said

    Portion control and “grazing” are my problems…You have inspired me to pay more attention(I could really use to lose 50 lbs!). I’ve heard that a diet with plenty of non-fat milk helps the skin game.
    It’s a heck of a time to inform me that my NY Giants don’t only belong to me! 😉

    • Those are the culprit with many of us. Sherry and I agree that bing brought up in the “clean your plate” culture is part of the problem. Add that to our affluent society which thinks bigger is better, and you get a whole bunch of fat people!
      What??? I thought youwere the owner! Must’ve been something you said. Bwa hahahaha!

  2. jmfh said

    Good job for bofya ! Happy fer ya big guy!!

  3. Congrats!!!

  4. Awesome job — congratulations!!! 😀

  5. Yep! Can definitely relate to the weight loss. I am a Weight-Watchers makeover. Took time…lost it slow…so far kept it off. That was in the 70s. Never did master tightening the skin even with all the exercising. Protein, lots of protein is suppose to help. Congrats on the loss and good luck on tightening up 🙂

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