Where Dreams Were Dreamed

It’s not baseball season yet, but spring training is right around the corner, and I know you die-hard baseball fans are ready. So! Maybe I can get away with posting two poems on the same day (a Sunday to boot). If not, well, we’ll just call it a wild pitch!

Where Dreams Were Dreamed


And, he sluid into third base standin up!

A little late, but the throw went wild

And would ya listen to the crowd cheering


Picture Courtesy of Google Images

Picture Courtesy of Google Images

Ah, yes, playing sandlot baseball

Imagining the voice of Dizzy Dean

Or Pee Wee Reese calling out my name


As I rounded the bases

In the sandlots of old

Mindless chatter—hey batta hey batta

Suh-wing! Filling the air


Visions and sounds of cheering fans

Filled our young and hopeful minds

As the sun rose and set

On the vacant lots of our childhood

The fields where dreams were dreamed


Copyright © 2013 C Mashburn

Click here to view —>A Game Forgot, my previous baseball poem.

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  1. We are waiting for the opening game here in Boston with baited breath. We Red Sox fans are die-hard even after an abysmal season like last year!

    • I heard about ya! I was a die-hard Yankee fan when I was a kid, but I outgrew it.

  2. Really good! I like it very much because it is America’s past! BTW I am sure you meant ‘slid’ in the first line… LOL:)

    • Shirley you jest! Yer pullin my leg, right. What postion did I play? Why, left out of course! Pick me, pick me! DIzzy Dean was actually taken off the air for saying such things as sluid. Some teacher(s?) complained he was teaching us po chilluns bad grammer & such. Ain’t that a hoot?!?!

  3. ha. i know it is spring when i can smell baseball…they will be starting up here soon…spring training…ah i love to go to that first game…also got me thinking…we used to use crushed coffee cans as bases…and the winning team recorded stats on the bottom in permanent marker…wonder where those are at….

    • You had coffee cans?!?! Man! You must’ve growed up in the city! We used rocks!
      Thanks, Brian!

  4. Very vivid! I love the sounds, including the chatter and the bit from Dizzy Dean. I didn’t have the type of experience you describe, but I feel like I was there!

  5. zongrik said

    it’s not just a hit kids dream about, it’s that rounding the bases and the yelling maybe even more than the crack that lasts a lot less time.

  6. Ruth said

    very cool writing – i could feel the excitement mounting, dream the dreams being dreamed (& i think, dying, as dreams too often do)

  7. ayala said

    The fields where dreams were dreamed…I can feel this. Lovely capture, Charles.

  8. Stan Ski said

    Those were the days…

  9. Truedessa said

    Charles – It has been a while since I’ve read your work but, I still enjoy it! Nicely done.

  10. Nothing like some good old nostalgia. Great stuff man!

  11. lucychili said

    can see the dust and adrenalin. great imagery =)

  12. Mary said

    Charles, again your poem takes me back to my childhood years. I was a MIlwaukee Brave fan in those days (that dates me..ha); and we used to pretend that we were different players on the team when we played. Like you, we had such dreams on those fields…….and fun!

    • I was a Yankee fan, but for reasons I cannot recall, the Braves’ third baseman, Eddie Matthews, was one of my favorite players. And, yes, we pretended to be our favorite players, too. Roger Maris and Mickey Mantle were the one’s I most wanted to be. But then I would not hesitate to be Skowron, Boyer, Kubek, Richardson, Berra or Ford either.
      Thanks, Mary!

  13. Tony said

    Baseball is not part of our culture, but I certainly gained an impression ofthe building excitement as the season nears, and the dreams of those who would make thier fortune with ball, bat and glove.

    • Baseball was a part of my childhood. I no longer follow it, but it is definitely part of the American persona and dream.
      Thanks, Tony!

  14. I do remember playing ball of all types in the neighborhood, though sometimes you were allowed to play unless they were short of boys. Your words take me back to those fun days 🙂

    • Not many girls played when we were kids. In fact, the only sport thathad girls team in high school was tennis. Things have changed a lot!
      Thanks for the visit and comment!

  15. Made me feel nostalgia even though I never played sandlot baseball… did love my Little League though 😛

    • Yep! Our little league was a hoot, too! I’ll have to write about it sometime. It was a bit unique. Small town make-do kinda situation.

  16. […] NOTE! This poem inspired a sequel! —>Where Dreams Were Dreamed. […]

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    A sequel to “A Game Forgot”.

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