A Mother

In a story I came across recently, a contest was held for artists, and the subject they were asked to paint was “Peace”. All the artists, except one, painted lovely serene paintings of scenes depicting what we would all agree exemplified the word peace. The one, however, painted a picture of a violent storm accosting a black cliff. The judges were confused. But what none of them had noticed was a small crevice high on the rock wall where a mother eagle braced against the storm protecting her chicks. They all agreed this was true peace; peace that could weather the storm.

A Mother


Though morning has come Madonna and Child ~ by Kelvin

The day remains dim and shrouded

As the storm rages from off the sea


Waves rise and roar their fury

Then crash against the towering wall

Black stone, smoothed by eons of angry water and wind


In a small crevice, high above the thundering water

Trembling, bracing against the violent gale

A mother eagle shields her young


She waits, ever watching, ever hoping

To see the light at the far edge of the storm

The signal it will soon be over


The chicks—her babes—sleep beneath her wings

Unaware, undisturbed, oblivious to the danger

They dream of one day soaring… in a clear blue sky


Copyright © 2013 C Mashburn


This past Sunday, I posted a poem, Because It’s With Him, which was inspired by fellow blogger, Bro Pat, at Pat’s Devotions. Later that afternoon, when Kelvin at dVerse Poets Pub posted the weekly Poetics feature, I took the easy way out and used the same poem, rudely ignoring his prompt, “Dominant Impression in Artistic Description.” By way of apology, I offer a poem on this evening’s Open Link Night 85 based on one of Kelvin’s artworks.


  1. Sherry Mashburn said

    Beautiful and poignant

  2. really lovely…and i like the story that you wrote it from as well…it is real peace that can weather the storm and not be tossed about by it…thanks for the wamr thoughts in this…as it storms outside…

  3. Truedessa said


    I really enjoyed this one! There is always something intriguing about your work and I do love eagles or birds of any kind.

  4. Certainly, it is to be wished for! Very nice. k.

  5. Mothers will do all to protect their young…awesome poem Charles, I love where the painting took you, such strong images. 🙂

  6. Mary said

    I enjoyed this, Charles. I do think that mother eagles must care (almost)as much about their babies as human mothers do. It must be hard for them, especially in a strong storm.

  7. ayala said

    Lovely capture, Charles. Nice and kind of you to offer an apology to Kelvin. 🙂

  8. Tony said

    Enjoyed reading your work as usual, Charles. Interesting that you chose one picture and wrote about a completely different one!

    • Thanks for the comment, Tony! My intent was to point out the protectiveness of a mother over her child that I see in Kelvin’s picture, by comparing it to the eagle protecting her young during the storm. Mothers instinctively protect their young.

      • Tony said

        I got the comparison, just found it interesting, that’s all 🙂

      • Sorry, Tony! I should have known that!

  9. …there is always a glimpse of light in your words that deeply inspires… thank you Charles… i’m honored you used my art… no apologies necessary… smiles…

  10. This one is truly awesome, Charles! Very poignant indeed. I wrote one about the Eagle last year. Check it out when you have time. It is a slideshow and the inspiration came from the last picture of the show. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pgihgod2Vks

    • Thank you, Sharla.
      I watched your video and read the poem, but don’t do Google, so I ddin’t leave a comment. I enjoyed it very much though!

      • That’s OK. I am just glad you watched and enjoyed! 🙂

  11. lucychili said

    I read this story as a child. In the version I had Solomon asked for a painting of peace and two were finalists. One was a serene landscape, the other was the cliff in the storm. The bird in that story was small and not an eagle. It works either way it is a powerful story. Thank you for making such a descriptive poem of it.

    • With the Internet, things get changed and passed around in many different forms.
      Thank you for the visit and comment, Lucy!

  12. shanyns said

    What else is there left to say except I love it? And that for me, that too, is true peace. Well done!

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