I’m Having an Out-Of-Body Experience! ~ March 19

I’m Having an Out-Of-Body Experience!

I’m a spectator AND a player!

Then I saw, and considered well. I saw, and received instruction:  Proverbs 24:32

I’ve heard it said when we fully give our lives to God, allowing Him to work through us, it’s like standing aside and watching ourselves.

As I grow in Christ, focusing more and more on Him, I observe what I’m doing and who I’m becoming, and ask, “Who is that guy?” I don’t remember asking to go anywhere, yet here I am in a different place. I don’t recall asking to be a different person, yet I’m barely recognizable as the person I once was. I started reading and writing about God, and He began to change me into the person He wanted me to be. It’s amazing!

It’s all about focusing on God; when we turn our attention toward Him, and begin to see how much He loves us, His love draws us to him—maybe tentatively at first, in a small way—then, when we begin to feel the power and awesomeness of His love, we start to want more of it, and at some point we begin moving toward Him like a snowball rolling down a hill.

This out-of-body experience seems to get better with each passing day, and I truly feel as if I’m standing aside, watching myself do things I never imagined myself doing. I feel like a spectator, watching myself play the part God designed me to play, and it is awesome!


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