Nine Months Ago…

…  I conceived the idea I should get serious about losing weight. I weighed 270 pounds, and decided it was time to do something about it. Sherry had recently come across a web site called My Fitness Pal (MFP), and we thought it sounded like a good way to get down to the business of getting our weight problems under control. We’ve both struggled with our weight for the last twenty (probably more) years, losing and gaining in an exasperating Yo-Yo fashion.

We started the MFP method on June 22, 2012, and today, I weighed in at 197. My MFP chart shows I began at 260 and have lost down to 187, but that’s due to finding out two months into the program our scales were ten pounds light. DOH! What a serious bummer that was! But! We forged onward, undaunted an undiscouraged. Sherry has done well too; she hit a wall recently and has stalled a bit, but she continues to maintain a healthy diet and exercise routine, and has faith things will payoff in the long run.

The main thing we have both learned is to eat smaller portions, and the thing we enjoy most about our new eating habits is we can eat almost anything we desire, as long as we don’t eat too much of anything.

I’m retired, so I have an advantage in that I can exercise more than Sherry—more than most people, for that matter—and it doesn’t hurt that I’m a fanatic when it comes to exercise either. I ride my exercise bike 2-3 hours a day, try to get in 1-2 fast-paced, two-mile walks per day, and Sherry and I do a moderate weight program each morning.

When people ask me how I’ve accomplished the weight loss, I tell them about MFP, and explain it’s really very simple. In fact, I like to refer to it as the simple math diet; you simply burn more calories than you take in, and do it consistently. My son, Bill, just started MFP, and he likes to refer to it as the “awareness” plan; you are reminded every day what your calorie intake is and how many calories you burn.

If you’re thinking about losing a few pounds—or a lot of them—I recommend this method!

And, in case you missed it, here’s a story I posted a while back about my dieting adventures: Too Much Skin in the Game

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