A Little Less Conversation

Have you ever wished you could have a conversation with a famous person in history? Claudia, over at dVerse Poet’s Pub thought it would be a good topic for us to write on today, and there was no doubt in my mind who I would talk to if given such an opportunity.

A Little Less Conversation


You look a lot older in person, I said

I wasn’t expecting the gray hair

Or the weathered look

Must be the dry desert air


How old you think I am, he said

Giving me one a those lopsided grins

Voice still smooth as ever

Every word spoken like a song


I thought about it for a bit

Shrugged and said, maybe eighty

He didn’t look that old

But the math said he might be


Damn, son, he said

The grin sliding away

Sad eyes looking at me

Like a hound dog sent to the porch



Sorry, man, I said

Holding my hands up; surrendering

There just ain’t no accounting

For a fool such as I


He laughed and raised his hand

We high-fived; his one-sided grin reappeared

And he said, well that’s all right

Long as you stay offa my blue suede shoes


I got up to leave, shook his hand

Told him I was glad he wasn’t dead

He made me promise not to tell where he was

Lot of suspicious minds out there, he said


I walked away, looking back one more time

Grinned at the flashing neon sign above him

A big blue moon floated above red letters



Below, smaller letters read, try the king’s sweets

A picture of a Twinkie was below that

As I slid into my pickup, the old guy mumbled

Thank ya, thankyaverymuch


Copyright © 2013 C Mashburn





  1. i bet it breaks his heart that they dont make twinkies anymore….probably not something you want to let him know…ha…Every word spoken like a song…nice, i like that…and where you found him and its subtitle as well…ha…cool descriptions throughout charles…would def be a fun interaction…

  2. I knew it… Elvis is allive 🙂

  3. Mary said

    Ah, Charles, I love the way you wove the titles of the songs into your poem! You really are “Too Much!”

    • Oh, Mary, don’t be cruel! You’ll get me all shook up!

      • Mary said

        And I hope, despite everything, you will still promise to Love Me Tender. (LOL….what fun!)

      • haha! Yes! Great fun. I bet we could go on for awhile too!

      • Mary said

        I was able to see one of Elvis’ last shows. He was such a talented man. Loved that voice. Went through Graceland when I was in Memphis as well. He definitely left his mark.

      • He will always be the king to me!

  4. claudia said

    oh wow…what a cool encounter..would love to meet elvis and i can imagine that each of his words sounds like a song

  5. Now that’s cool, to meet Elvis, and he’s still getting around well I’m just all shook up about that! Nice Charles!

  6. kelly said

    Oh my, I am smiling so huge. My sister was so in love with Elvis… she was only weight when he died and she was heartbroken. She will be so happy to hear that he’s still out there, somewhere…

  7. kelly said

    Sorry, only eight, not weight!

  8. Rowan Taw said

    This was such an enjoyable read (and I’m not even an Elvis fan).

    • I’ve heard about people who aren’t Elvis fans, but never met one! hahaha Just kidding! I’m glad you enjoyed the poem!

  9. I remember living in Kalamazoo, MI where word on the street was he was alive and well on the 7th floor of the downtown hotel… is that where you found him? haha… good write with great details. = )

  10. Love it, Charles! But then I was one of those preteens when he first began. Fun conversation, for sure. Thank you. Thank you very much!

  11. kkkkaty1 said

    Love, love, love it!!

  12. …what a supah cool guy… i like his moves… everytime i hear a bit of his music i can’t have but move my legs like i’m possessed… aww… haha… what fun Charles… smiles…

  13. LOVE!!!!!!!!!! I could hear his voice so clearly as I read. And I love how you weaved in the song titles throughout, but this part was my fave:
    “He made me promise not to tell where he was
    Lot of suspicious minds out there, he said”

    I know someone who really believes he is alive. Living on an island with Tupac Shakur and Biggie Smalls lol

    • I have to admit, from time to time, I can actually believe he’s still out there somewhere. I think about how miserable he was, and the fact he would never be left alone. And, he had the means to vanish. Juss sayin…

  14. Truedessa said

    Hi Charles,

    Oh this one was fun to read and one might just believe he still walks upon us eating his Twinkies. Always enjoy your work.

    • Yes’m one might believe that! I cain’t say for sure one way or the other. 🙂

  15. i slowly caught the hints but finally knew with those blue suede shoes! 😉

    also really liked,

    “He made me promise not to tell where he was

    Lot of suspicious minds out there” –

    what a fun prompt, glad you did one also charles, best wishes 😉

  16. Raven said

    I heard his voice … i cracked a wee bit. Charles, this was a special treat!

  17. Raven said

    That was meant to say “it” cracked a wee bit.

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