When Heartache Comes Calling ~ March 27

When Heartache Comes Calling

Slam the door in its face!

Therefore a man will leave his father and his mother, and will join with his wife, and they will be one flesh. Genesis 2:24

If you cannot trust your spouse it is very difficult to maintain a loving relationship with them. This is where forgiveness comes in; we have to forgive, or give up. And I say, never give up. Never!

Sometimes though, we need to look not just at what someone has done to hurt us, but at our own priorities. So many times, we think we are doing everything we can to love our family and make a good life for them, but in reality we are not giving the most important person in our life—our spouse—the most important thing; our attention and time.

I see young men who are terrific providers, wonderful fathers, who don’t realize that though they are doing all the right things, they are inadvertently neglecting their spouse. On the other hand, a person might be doing all the right things, but too often their priorities are mixed up. When we put our partner at the top of the list when it comes to what’s important, relationships will have a much better chance of not only surviving, but thriving.

And you know the best way to put your partner first? Put her second. Say what? Yep, if our number one priority and point of focus is God, He will instill in us a correct attitude and loving actions toward our spouse. It IS that simple!


  1. adopted80 said

    Thanks Charkie, This a Great Wite and serves as an excellent reminder as well of our priorities.

  2. jacksonj64 said

    LOL…I thought the video was going to be something about Tiger saying he didn’t put is wife before his career. Guess that would be a negative! HA! Yes, just as you have stated, God first, my husband next. I always tell people that marriage isn’t 50 50. It is 100/100…that if we try to give 100 of ourself to our spouses everyday, they will want to give us the same. Some days we may only have 20. 30, 50 % to give, but always try to give them you all and they will never feel empty!

    • We do the best we can do each day, and that, my friend, IS 100%!
      Good to hear from you Janet! Say hello to your wonderful sons, and your awesome hubby!

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