Do What I Say~ March 30

Do What I Say

Ignore what I do

If we say that we have fellowship with him and walk in the darkness, we lie, and don’t tell the truth. 1John 1:6

The world seems to be void of truth. It appears truth is what we want to believe in order to justify our actions, or lack of same. In other words, the ends justify the means; if a lie gets us what we want, then it’s worth it.

What we must realize, is people are not blind; we might fool them—temporarily—with our words, but they will soon know the truth of our hearts by what we do. I heard someone say recently our children learn more from watching how we live our lives than they do from what we tell them. We can tell them how dangerous alcohol and drugs are, but our words are meaningless if we then go to the refrigerator and get a cold beer and drink it in front of them. And no matter how you try to explain it, they are likely to determine there is no truth in your words, but your actions speak loud and clear.

I am convinced that when we love Jesus and allow His spirit to dwell within our hearts, we will not walk in darkness, but in the light of His love and truth. Don’t talk about loving Jesus, do it! He—the truth—will set you free!


  1. Binnie Ruth Seymour said

    Thanks Charlie for these wonderful words of wisdom. I pray that you and Sherri have Blessed Easter. Hope all is well in Aggie Land…….Blessings to you both…… Binnie

    • Things are just wonderful here, Binnie! Happy Easter, and we hope all is well with you and yours, too! Always a blessing to hear from you!

  2. I completely agree Charles. Children learn more through example than through commands (most of the time parents don’t even take the time to explain the reasons behind their rules). Having my own daughter (she’s 5) I have noticed that she imitates a good deal of my behavior, she is a mirror even of my moods. If I am hungry she is hungry, if I am going to wear a dress she has to, if I am grumpy, sleepy, silly no matter what mood I am in she seems to be having the same one! My poor husband when we are both grouchy, hungry, and tired! Even if I am quiet and don’t really tell her how I am feeling she knows on a few occasions she has even asked me about issues, private thoughts that I have never spoken out loud to anyone, she knows me so well I sometimes think she is psychic, in any case there is no hiding anything from this kid she is so observant and so innately empathic. I want so much to raise a confident, happy, independent, young woman but I know to do that I have to become that. Well maybe not the young part I am moving in the wrong direction for that ;P

    • Definitely an eye-opener when we see them emulating us. The problem is, many of us just go on doing the things we probably shouldn’t, then wonder why they grow up to be just like us. If there is one thiing I’d like a do-over on, it’s parenting. My sons turned out pretty good, but I probably could hav saved them a lot of grief if I’d set a better example for them.

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