I wanted to post something light-hearted today; thought about spring and how happy everyone is to see it, then thought, “Easter!” A subject that should put a smile on most everyone’s face for a multitude of reasons, many of which you will find in this little ditty I’ve composed. Have a blessed Easter everyone!



Looking for part time seasonal help

Must be willing to travel

And possess a hop-to-it personality

If signs show otherwise, you can expect

To be passed over

Job will require work in multiple locations happy_Easter_bunny

And eggspediency is a must

Applicant should have a knack for

Hiding things in plain sight

And should NOT be the type

To put all the eggs in one basket

Most importantly, the successful applicant

Will be an early riser

Capable of having all work finished

Before sunrise

If you love children and have a penchant for pastels

You could be the one we’re looking for

Big ears and a wiggly nose are preferred

But a costume can be provided

Please send resume and photo prior to 3/31/13


Copyright © 2013 C Mashburn


Posting this in response to Mary’s prompt at dVerse Poets Pub. Her Poetics theme on this Easter Eve is, Modern Day Mythology. She suggests we put a new twist on a mythological character. I gave it a shot.


  1. ha. i will hop right on it…smiles…hiding in plain sight is my specialty…smiles…hope th easter bunny is good to you sir…just dont touch the little pile of chocolate balls…err…might not be chocolate, just saying…

  2. Mary said

    Charles, I really enjoyed this. I was going to try to do something with the Easter Bunny as well, but I couldn’t think of an approach. Yours is perfect. I loved the ‘big ears and wiggly nose” and the “penchant for pastels” among other things. Hoppy Easter! (spelling intended)

  3. Ah this is cool, very funny Charles…so where do I apply??? Mind you I’d hide all the chocolate for myself… yum!

    • Glad you enjoyed it, Dianne. I believe there’s something in the contract about sharing the chocolate. This might hurt your chances!

  4. What a wonderful light hearted approach love it! Have a Blessed Easter!

  5. Grace said

    He..he…hopping right in…Smiles ~ Love this approach ~ Wishing you Happy Easter ~

  6. Rowan Taw said

    So appropriate – happy Easter!

  7. zongrik said

    the “signs” made me think of those guys who hold signs and advertise a new housing development or cell phone store, so maybe they are dressed like big rabbits advertising an egg hunt?

    Cinderella Limerick

  8. Charles, this is great! happy Easter.

  9. What a job! I can’t imagine doing it myself haha but I guess someone’s going to do it 🙂

  10. …well i only need two long ears & whiskers… for my bunny tooth are all up to rock… aww… happy easter… smiles…

  11. Eggstra funny

  12. Dude, that was incredibly creative, playful and funny — you’ve inspired me to go out and hide the eggs for my kids — thanx.

  13. aka_andrea said

    What a great idea for this prompt! So cleverly written too, you crack me up!

  14. Tony Maude said

    Happy Easter, Charles. You’ve delivered smiles with style in my house. Does around my waist count as hiding in plain sight?

    • I know the syndrome, Tony! Fortunately, at the present time, it has passed! (lost 75 lbs! the last ten months!)
      Happy Easter! (going to go find some of that poundage here shortly. Big feast!)

  15. Truedessa said

    Hi, Happy enjoyed this one funny and entertaining.

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