Zap-back For Jerks

I had this idea one time while I was driving that with all the high-tech that’s available, we should be able to come up with a zap-back for jerks on the road. Not just jerks, but rude people and idiots too—you know, people texting or putting on their makeup while doing seventy miles per hour on a busy freeway.

Excuse me if you’re guilty of either of those things, and object to be referred to as an idiot, but I calls ‘em like I sees ‘em. I been an idiot lots of times in my life; it’s not painful most times, and that’s the problem. If being an idiot hurt every time we did it, there would be a lot less crazy stuff going on in the world. We probably wouldn’t need car insurance either; or, at least it wouldn’t cost so much.

The way the zap-back would work is when a driver messed up—no matter what the offense might be—they’d get zapped back to where they started the trip. For instance, if they’d left their driveway twenty minutes ago, then cut another driver off in traffic, or went out of turn at the four-way-stop, ZAP! They’re suddenly sitting in their driveway, and have to start the trip again. I don’t know about you, but that would get me to paying attention what I was doing on the highway.

I know it sounds a little sci-fi, and you probably think it’s unrealistic, but, hey, it would work, I betcha.

I got some other bad driver deterrent ideas I might bounce off ya later on. Driver3_l_tnb



  1. Raivenne said

    Now, now Mr. Mashburn, while I like the overall idea of this, I have to put in a caveat. I can tell you right now, NYC taxis would love your idea, especially if the passenger had to pay for every zapback. However, as a passenger, even if I did not have to pay for each zapback, the time lost in having to repeat the trip would NOT make me a happy camper.

    • oh… NYC taxis… yep, that wouldn’t work. Maybe one a my other ideas would be better for them.

    • I got to ask: why would you take a taxi to go camping, and where would you camp??


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