I Got Cookies on the Brain!

I tried to stay out of this conversation, but I CAN’T do it! My cousin, Susan, has taken to posting Susie Homemaker tips on FaceBook, and most of them are pretty good. But she went and posted one about Toll House cookies yesterday, and my oven alarm went off! I hit the snooze button on the darn thing, but the thread was still going this morning—somehow the conversation had wandered to lemon bars and cake—so I was forced to jump into the fray.

First off, Susie says when she makes Toll House cookies, she leaves out the pecans. WHAT? Leave out the pecans?? Only when you substitute coconut. YUM!

But what really set the buzzer to buzzing was when she said, “If you want a warm, chewy, soft cookie use a solid shortening (like Crisco).” Aw contrary! I always use real butter, but I have a secret trick which isn’t really a secret. I simply add just a little more butter than is called for, and put it in the microwave for 30 seconds before adding the sugar and brown sugar. The butter should be about half melted. The cookies will be flatter than normal, and some will have what Sherry calls lace around the outer edge; she loves that!

I make a variety of cookies using the original Toll House chocolate chip recipe, and they are all delicious. Here’s a partial list:

Nut House ~ Leave out the chocolate chips and put in lots of pecans

Snickers ~ Original recipe, with a mini (the smallest ones) Snickers candy bar wrapped in the dough of each cookie. The refrigerated dough from the store actually works best, and use just enough dough to completely surround the candy. These are OUTSTANDING!

Toffee Bit: Same as the original, except substitute toffee bits for the chocolate chips. Wow! Sweet and buttery! Pecans are optional, but I gotta have ‘em!

CCC (Chocolate Chip Cherry) ~ Original recipe with dried cherries added. One of my personal favorites, and I actually can do without the pecans on this one. I use less chocolate chips than called for, and add lots of cherries, but you can do it to suit your own taste. I even leave out the chocolate chips sometimes.

Coco Choco Chip ~ Original recipe but add shredded coconut. No pecans. Sherry loves this one!

So, there ya go! Straight from the Cookie Man!



  1. Sherry Mashburn said

    Charlie is THE cookie man!!!

  2. I gained two pounds just reading this!!! 😉

  3. I feel so left out, maybe because I am not american….Toll House? Is this a well known recipe or something you buy that is already made up? xx

    • Sorry, Catie! I sometimes forget that some folks don’t live here, and won’t have a clue what I’m talking about. Yes, Toll House is a brand name of chocolate chips here in the U.S. The recipe for chocolate chip cookies is on the package. And they do now sell the dough already made up, if you don’t want to do the mixing of ingredients. As you can see, I like to mix them, so I can try different things.

      • hahahah fair enough. I’m not a rigid recipe girl myself… tend to experiment and end up with amazing things or disastrous things, but always unconventional things ;] hahah xx

      • Okay then!

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