Like A Rainbow in the Dark

The wind roared as black clouds raced in, and we ran—your hand holding tight to mine—toward the shelter door in the backyard. I was not afraid, because… I was with you, and that is all that matters.

In my waking hours you fill my mind, and when I sleep you walk in my dreams. My thoughts, my dreams, are filled with wonder that we are one.

You’re the very reason I rise each day, and when my day comes to an end, I rest secure in your love and safe in your arms. And when you’re not there beside me I feel empty and so dreadfully alone, like a tree on the prairie, shying from the rushing silent wind.

Because of you, my days are filled with hope, for I know even though you may not be there beside me, your love goes wherever I go. It’s the sunshine on my shoulder as I drive down lonely roads, and the cool breeze on my brow when the days are hot and long. And when dark clouds gather—sometimes with little warning—your love is my light, my hope, my refuge, and my shelter.

How many ways can I tell you how your love overwhelms and amazes me? You’re my angel of the morning, and mere words are small, not near enough to say all there is to say.

rainbow at night 2You fill my heart with wonder, like a rainbow in the dark.

This morning, as we emerge from the shelter—darkness and destruction scattered all about—I feel your hand on my shoulder, and without words you tell me, the sun will come up, it will shine, and we will begin again.


Copyright © 2013 C Mashburn


Sharing this on Kellie Elmore’s Free Write Friday. Kellie and her family experienced one of those exciting Friday nights recently, and we aren’t talking football. Tornadoes came calling–Kellie and family are okay–and she invites us to write something about “A Dark and Stormy Night”.


  1. “Because of you, my days are filled with hope, for I know even though you may not be there beside me, your love goes wherever I go. It’s the sunshine on my shoulder as I drive down lonely roads, and the cool breeze on my brow when the days are hot and long.”

    I needed that so much this morning. I just pulled into my driveway from a trip to the store and looked over at my late uncle’s house next door and began to weep. There was a song on the radio that I know he would have loved, (as music was so much a part of him) and I couldn’t help but cry listening to the words. I looked out the window at the sun shining and the beautiful day and it was almost as if he spoke to me, telling me not to mourn him and I felt a hint of peace. Though I remained sad. I logged in just now to find this piece you have written and I know now. I know.

    Thank you so much. ♥

    • Wow! Thank you, Kellie! I am always blessed when my words are a help or encopuragement to others. Looks like we helped each other this morning. 🙂

      • Indeed. And in return, you have inspired something from my pen. I will post it tomorrow or Monday. I’ve titled it ‘Just Listening’. Hope you get the chance to read it. Thank you again, so very much. I know I was meant to read that!

      • Get a chance to read it?? I’ll be waiting for it!
        THAT is a double blessing; to inspire another to write. I love it when I am inspired by my fellow writers, and it is even better to know I inspire them! AWESOME!

  2. heidibarnes11 said

    Very beautiful and moving.

  3. Such a romantic write! Great take on the prompt!

  4. Lorraine said

    Living in Toronto, I have never experienced the kind of storms that happen in the States. It makes me think how scary it must be; from your story and Kellie’s shared experience. I also hope one day I will feel such a love that you are feeling-nice piece.

    • The tornado and hurricane season in this part of Texas can be nerve racking, but I don’t worry about it.
      And, I hope you find a love like the one Sherry and I have, too!

  5. debzywebzy said

    “It’s the sunshine on my shoulder when I drive down lonely roads…” is definitely my favourite line. If you had written a little more about the actual experience of the storm, I would have had a greater sense of what your speaker is emerging from, making their thoughts more powerful. Very nice. And thanks for having a look at mine. Means a lot!

    • I was purposely vague, because this could be viewed from several angles. I appreciate the comment and input!
      I also have to say, I love the “debsywebsy” handle! Cute!

      • debzywebzy said

        Haha thanks. It was an old nickname. Also, this very much reminded me of how I feel about God’s love.

      • And there ya go. That’s the other angle I was implying throughout!

  6. Yes, that is lovely. I can hear the poetry in your writing. And I like the God angle, as mentioned in the previous comment. 😉 … Thank you for checking out my submission. Means a lot to get feedback from my fellow writers. … Be well, Dorothy 🙂

  7. Colline said

    Your emotions have been expressed beautifully.

  8. seanbidd said

    Top writing, Charles.. The different roads we travel down after disasters, always seem to come with that mix of sunshine and isolated feelings, emotions at opposites. Thanks for the way you wrote the above piece.

    I have nieces over there in Texas, though one of them just got married, and lives in Tennessee now. Cheers..

  9. Raivenne said

    I.. well… dang it. *swoons*

  10. Reblogged this on Marbles In My Pocket ~ The Official Blog of Charles L. Mashburn ~ Poems, Short Stories, and random thoughts from the author of "Be Still… and know that I am God" and commented:

    I wrote this little story four years ago, but it moves me to read it again today. It’s a tribute to God, Sherry, Mom, family and friends; and it speaks about love, loss, and going on, even after the storms of life have wreaked havoc upon us.

  11. Ken Mashburn said

    Great job Bro! Loved this. Cheers Ken

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