I believe I can fly ~ April 15

I believe I can fly

With a little help

The apostles said to the Lord, “Increase our faith!”  Luke 17:5

Jesus is the epitome of faith, and the reason for our faith. His faith is in the Father, as is ours, but if we do not believe in Jesus we cannot have faith. But, can our faith be increased? I don’t think so. Let me explain.

When we love God and our hope is in Him, we are given, by grace, a measure of faith which never increases or decreases. However, our use of it is ever changing. There are times when our faith is strong—we believe that with God all things are possible; and there are times when we wonder where we left it—it seems to be non-existent. It’s not the size or amount of faith we have, but the extent to which use it.

Faith is like the second wind athletes call upon when they are tired and the game isn’t over; those times when they know to win the contest, they must dig deep within themselves for a last burst of energy and stamina, or the race will be lost.

Our race will never be lost as long as we know with God all things are possible. When things look bleak, when it seems we will lose the battle before us, we should use whatever faith we have to call upon Jesus. When our faith is in Him, His faith is added to ours, and I believe we can fly!


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