This is a No Drama Zone ~ April 17

This is a No Drama Zone

No wailing please

He came to the synagogue ruler’s house, and he saw an uproar, weeping, and great wailing. Mark 5:38

Sometimes, when children don’t get their way, or perhaps are in pain, they will wail and cry until they get what they want, or something is done to ease their pain. We, as doting parents wanting to be good to our children, often jump to the task, and remedy the situation. Quite often, we unwittingly create a monster.

I watch my grandchildren—even the youngest who’s not even a year old—and notice how attentive they are to what’s going on around them. They literally do not miss a thing and learn very quickly that a dramatic display will get the immediate attention of the adults in the room.

Sadly, some folks carry this dramatic flair with them into adulthood, and many times use it to divert attention from their mistakes and misdeeds. Or, they simply need attention, and know a good display of sadness or trauma will gain it. A certain number of folks seem to actually thrive on being unhappy, simply because they know others will pay attention to them if they are in distress.

I like to think the opposite is true, but much less widely employed; people are drawn to others who are upbeat and happy. So, if we’re going to display a flair for the dramatic, why not be dramatically happy. We have a choice, and I choose happy!



  1. Happy is a good choice! I have a 5 year old daughter and she definitely has a dramatic flair. I did find out when she is going berserk over say spilled water its usually not the spilled water that initiated the tantrum, having talked to her a lot I will usually find out things like she is sad because a friend from daycare wouldn’t play with her or she was frustrated about a skill she hasn’t mastered but that her friends have. When ever she gets hyper emotional I try to talk to her and figure out the source then she calms down and her trivial complaints/bossy demands resolve themselves. Of course that is on a good day some days I am not so patient!

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