Spirit Guard

This was one of the first poems I wrote for Sherry. I was gone a lot—worked out of town every week—and I have always been fascinated with wolves, so the two things combined in this one. A framed copy of the poem and one of my favorite wolf pictures have hung by our front door for the last eighteen years.

Spirit Guard


The wolf waits by your doorstep

His eyes glow fierce and green

His teeth are sharp like razors

His grin is vicious and mean


Thunder rolls and lightning flashes

He shies from the noise and light

His eyes remain fixed on the door

His feet stay ready for flight


No one knows he waits there

He’s black and blends into the night

In the blink of an eye he can vanish

Gone quickly, as though he took flight


Don’t be afraid, he won’t harm you

He’ll protect you while I’m gone

While he watches, nothing can harm you

He’ll keep you safe until I come home


Copyright © 1995 C Mashburn


Sharing this on mindlovemisery’s first Sunday poetry share. Her prompt is “Old Poetry”, and this one definitely qualifies! (I wanted to include the pictured mentioned above, but my scanner decided not to cooperate.) 😦

Also sharing on dVerse Poet Pub’s Open Link night #94.


  1. This is great =) I could really visualize the wolf! I love the title!

    • Thank you! I’m glad you like it! Looking forward to next week’s prompt!

      • =) I already know what it will be

      • No fair!

      • Stormcat had a good idea for the prompt explained in the comments

      • I checked it out. I like it! And, as far as I know, you can submit as many times as you want on Mr. Linky. It’s the person/blogger who asks for only one per person, or allows more. If your Sunday share gets crowded, you’ll probably want to limit it to one–maybe two–but while the traffic is light, more is okay, in my opinion.

  2. heidi said

    Oh that is very sweet, such a nice gift.

  3. Sherry Mashburn said

    one of my favorites . . . and I always felt safe in your absence because of the poem and picture.

  4. Excellent =) I would be surprised if it gets popular lol If it does I will limit it but for now submit as you like

    • You never know! I typically only submit one, but we’ll see; if the prompt inspires, maybe I’ll go wild!

  5. zongrik said

    we put so much evil on wolves, but they are quite magnificent and deserve the right to live and have their own stomping grounds

    nano birthing chamber

  6. Stormcat said

    Charles and Sherry what a beautifully romantic and loving gesture is represented by this poem and the picture. I hope someday to find a love like yours.

  7. Truedessa said

    OH, I really enjoyed this one..the mysterious wolf is certainly a protector and nice to have around while you are away. A wolf can be a great spirit guide. Well done..

  8. claudia said

    nice..i like how you turn the frightening image of the wolf into something protecting…always a matter of how we look at things…right

    • Definitely a matter of perspective. And that was my intent when writing this; to go from oh my, to oh good!

  9. smiles…i like how you use the wolf…and you set it up as ferocious and even something we might fear yet give it purpose to protect us…you flip it on us…nice titling on this one too..

    • Thanks, Brian. Yes, I intended the ferocious friend or foe aspect. It’s good to know the ferocious beast is there to protect you.

  10. That is just the kind of wolf we really all should have. Just love it, and the story behind it.

  11. lolamouse said

    I love the idea of the “big bad wolf” being the protector! I should have known that this somehow related back to Sherry! What a wild woman!

  12. Adura Ojo said

    Big bad wolf as the one to ensure safety from harm is a great idea. The more I think about it, the more I wonder who could possibly be better for the job? No one! A uniquely clever write and very accessible too.

    • I agree! Thank you very much, Aduro!
      I read your poem and commented on it, but I don’t know if my comment posted. I enjoyed it, and it is sad that hate has always been, and probably will always be.

  13. Oh how nice to think a wolf is out there protecting you…such gorgeous creatures, a lovely poem to have on the wall when you were away. Beautiful Charles! 🙂

    • I agree, they are gorgeous creatures! We still keep the poem on the wall by the front door.

  14. it’s a wonderful poem charles, and that it’s from 18 years ago and “still” visible to ya’ll, is more than amazing, thank you for sharing it with us 😉

    btw, that’s a pretty good mean old bad wolf you got there for her 😉 nice!

  15. Vivid and mysterious. This is almost like you’re leaving your protective hopes for your family behind in a materialization of a protective spirit. Safe and dangerous… lovely.

    • That’s exactly what I’m doing. The wolf keeps the bad guys away from our doorstep!

  16. ..it ‘s always nice to feel secured by love despite the absence… after all it’s the only thing that counts until the come back of one… smiles… loved the images you animate in here…

    • You got it right, Kelvin. The wolf is a symbol of my fierce love and protectiveness.

  17. Mary said

    This is beautiful, Charles. The wolf definitely is a protector of their ‘kin,’ even their human kin. I am sure that this poem and the picture must have been comforting for your wife.

    • Yes, it has. I remember when she first read it; at the beginning she said, “Oh my,” but as she finished it, she was wearing a big smile.
      Thank you, Mary!

  18. Rowan Taw said

    Such a beautifully sweet gesture : )

  19. Laura Day said

    I have always had a huge fear of wolves due to constant dreams and nightmares I have had pertaining to such however thanks to you…this gave me a certain comfort…a feeling of security instead.

  20. Anna :o] said

    I agree – a beautiful sweet gesture.

    I am certain the spirit of your love was guarding too.

    Anna :o]

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