I Won’t Make That Mistake Again! ~ May 1

I Won’t Make That Mistake Again!

He meant what he said!

So that the law has become our tutor to bring us to Christ, that we might be justified by faith. Galations 3:24

On the first day of fifth grade, our teacher explained the rules, one of which was to stay in our seats until given permission to get out of them. When he’d finished telling us the rules, he walked to the door and announced he was going to the principal’s office, reminding us to stay in our seats, and to not get out of them for any reason. The door had no more closed, than I got up and walked to the pencil sharpener (which happened to be right next to the door) to sharpen my pencil; surely it was okay to get up to do something important, right? Wrong! I don’t think I got a full crank on the sharpener before the door opened and there stood the teacher, who promptly showed me what happened when a rule was disobeyed. Ouch!

Before Jesus died on the cross for us, we were under God’s laws, and when a law was broken, a price had to be paid. Jesus did not take away the laws of God, but He took our punishment for them upon Himself. We no longer have to earn righteousness by doing good things, but because of the gift of grace and the righteousness Jesus gives us, we will do good things.



  1. I was always getting in trouble in elementary for similar inane reasons. In 5th grade the punishment of choice by teachers was squats some days I was doing upwards of 300 squats, my thighs were insane lol

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