What Are You Wearing? ~ May 3

What Are You Wearing?

Put on some love!

And over all these virtues put on love, which binds them all together in perfect unity.    Colossians 3:14

There are many virtues and attributes we can have, but none can match the virtue of love. Love binds all our other virtues together in perfect unity. Love is, as I have stated so many times, the key to God, and without it we cannot know Him, nor can we have within us the virtues that exemplify Him.

God is love. He is good, and He is truth, but more than anything, His very existence revolves around love. How could this world be founded or continue to exist without love? If there was no love and all the world knew was hate and greed, can you imagine the chaos we would be living in; the murder, the theft, the adultery; the utter evil that would surround us?

But, you might be thinking, all those things and all that evil does surround us. Yes, unfortunately, that is true. But we are able to survive it, and we are able to be at peace in spite of it because God’s love is also here with us on this crazy, mixed up planet called earth. And the most wonderful thing is, we can not only survive in a world gone mad with evil, but we can thrive in it—in spite of it—if we put God first and make loving Him our main focus in life.

Put on the virtue of love.



  1. This is beautiful Charles =) Every one can use a little dose of beauty and inspiration when they wake up thank you!

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