Walking the Thin Line ~ May 5

Walking the Thin Line

We’re not fooling anybody

You who are trying to be justified by law have been alienated from Christ; you have fallen away from grace. Galatians 5:4

It’s a thin line we walk between trying to do our way into heaven and accepting grace, but I believe we establish the line, and in effect, sometimes alienate ourselves from God and His grace.

I believe we will do good things if we accept the gift of God’s grace, and we will obey His laws because we love Him, not because we want to prove our love and worthiness to Him. God knows our hearts and even our thoughts, and if we do something thinking we are going to impress God, He knows our motive.

It’s kind of like when you are trying to impress the boss at work; the boss probably thinks you should be doing a great job anyway, because that’s what you get paid to do. But, a lot of folks don’t think doing a great job is part of their job description; they think doing enough to get by is sufficient.

What if we all gave more than is expected of us every day? What if we all accepted the free gift of grace from God and loved Him so much we did all the things He would have us do without even thinking about them? There would be a whole lot of good going on, that’s what!


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