What’s In Your Closet?

At the grocery store the other day, I ran into a guy I used to work with. He has a slight lisp, and his ”s” sounds like a “th” sometimes. You know; lisp becomes lithp. Anyway, he’s the type that likes to get your dander up by bringing up subjects he knows irritate you, and he immediately asked me what I thought about a certain hot political topic.

I served him up a friendly smile and said, “I’d rather not discuss it.”

He stuck his chin out at me, looked me up and down, and in a very disgusted tone of voice, said, “Well! Aren’t you the clothes-minded one!”

Not remembering the occasional lisp, I thought he was talking about my baggy shorts and old sleeveless closetT-shirt, which didn’t insult me in the least. I dress for comfort, not fashion, and I certainly don’t care what anyone thinks of my attire. I grinned at him, and said, “Obviously, you’ve never seen what’s in my closet.”

His mouth dropped open, his brow wrinkled, and a look of confusion came into his eyes. Then, mumbling something I couldn’t hear–but it didn’t sound like “have a nice day”–he turned on a heel and walked away.

As I watched him stride down the aisle, it dawned on me he’d said close-minded, which caused my grin to return in full force. Quietly, I said, “DOH!”, then went on with my shopping.


  1. Sherry Mashburn said

    Giggle . . . now, that’s funny.

  2. That’s so funny, “clothes minded!” 🙂

  3. dale Hansen said

    Hey pard did you try to call me this morning? I very rarely answer the phone to numbers I don’t recognize. By the way what is your number??? dale Date: Sat, 11 May 2013 14:58:31 +0000 To: trksie@hotmail.com

  4. Mary said

    Ha, it definitely all is in the pronunciation / interpretation, isn’t it?? I did enjoy this, Charles.

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