Gnome Gnome on the Moon

Don’t ask, ah’ight! Sometimes this stuff just comes rolling out of my head. I actually started out to write about the concept of dreaming big, and this is what came out. Go figure!

Gnome Gnome on the Moon


I fell asleep and dreamed

I was in a Hollywood movie

High upon a moon mountain

Where I spoke of the pompitous of love


I was a picker, a grinner

A singer, a sinner

A notorious gangster of love

Doin’ no wrong, never hurtin’ no one


On my dream moon

The sun shone in the night

And ripe peaches hung heavy

On trees never shaken


But mama, she never worried, never worried

As long as I stayed home

Playing my music in the midnight sun

Showing her a good time


Yes, I was the dashing leading man

Right there, right there, right there at home

Lovin’ my lovey-dovey, lovey-dovey all the time

And she called me Maurice


Copyright © 2013 C Mashburn


 I’ll be sharing this poem(?) on dVerse Poets Pub’s Open link night #96 this afternoon.


  1. Sherry Mashburn said

    good take on an old song . . .

  2. wish i could do that whistle guitar sound…haha….love me some steve miller band…and you worked it really well in this one….smiles…ha….

    • Thanks, Brian. I snuck a little sumthin else in there, too. Waitin to see if anyone picks up on it, and/or recognizes it. If not, I’ll get over it; we all have our burdons to carry, I reckon.

  3. i also fail to find the other song… sounds like a quiz tonighht 🙂

  4. Grace said

    Sounds good to me ~ I am not familiar with the songs, but this flows very well ~

  5. Talon said

    I’m thinking the other song is The Clovers…but that’s the lovey-dovey talking 🙂

    This was pure fun!

  6. Mary said

    I will have to take a pass.

  7. I don’t know Charles, it sounds kind a like you might be a joker, a smoker, or a midnight toker…… Am I right about that? And have you the urge to get loving on the run? Do people call you a space cowboy? Don’t worry….. refrain Don’t worry, cuz I’m right here at home…. If that makes any possible difference to you…..

    • That’s one of the songs, John! I’m thinking everyone will not believe they didn’t see the other one.

  8. Chazinator said

    Okay, now you went and done it. I’ll be hearing that song all night. I actually had to look up I knew the I’m a sinner picker et cetera. But the pompitous I had no idea he actually made that word up. This is a light, jolly poem. Which lifted my spirits, grave as they are. 🙂

    • It’s one of my favorite golden oldies. So is the other one, but I’m starting to think I’m the only one that remembers it!
      Oh, and I love it when I can get a crazy tune going in somebody’s head! 🙂 I used to do it to my youngest son all the time. My favorite was to sing a few lines of the Beverly Hillbilly’s theme song.

  9. Truedessa said

    I see you are in the singing mood, it brought a smile to my I say that is all it takes..nice to see you do something fun..”The Joker”

  10. I’m too young to recognize any of these songs… but I liked the poem!

    • I knew some of you younger ones wouldn’t know the songs, Alex. I’m glad you enjoyed the poem, though!

  11. Tony Maude said

    The lines from “The Joker” are really obvious – but I’m not seeing the other song either. This is a really fun piece though 🙂

    • I’m glad you enjoyed it, Tony. I am starting to feel like I’m weird though. The other song is very obvious to me, and in fact was the one I first thought of when starting to write this poem. A line from it is the basis for the title, and the first two lines are taken straight out of the song. I gave a very strong hint in my reply to Brian’s comment, but perhaps I should have made the hint stronger by capitalizing “Burdon”. Surely someone will now Google these hints and answer this silly riddle!

  12. ah the dreams we have… glad mama was able to guide and support you

  13. marjoriefoster said

    Send in the clowns

  14. Raivenne said


    You, Sir. Mashburn, are all kinds of long ones, tall ones, short ones, brown ones, black ones, round ones and big ones crazy!

    The ONLY reason I the got the song was because I heard it this morning on my iPod. So tell me, when she called you Maurice were you naked to the world in front of every kind of girl at the time?

    • How crazy is that, that you’d hear it this morning! I love it!
      I can’t answer your question; I’m too busy pontificating my pompitousness.

      • Raivenne said

        Just came back to tells ya “Thanks a flippin’ heap!”. That Space Cowboy been a whisp’ring in my ear all dang day about spilled wine ’cause o’ you.

      • I LOVE it!
        Here’s the cure: think Beverly Hillbilly’s theme song. “Lemme tell you a story bout a man named Jed…” sing it sistah! HAHAHAHA!

  15. wcg1670 said

    possessed by history under a light light night 🙂



  16. ayala said

    I don’t know the songs..but nicely done, Charles 🙂

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