Okay, Who Did That? ~ May 14

Okay, Who Did That?

Sometimes it’s hard to tell

Now who is he who will harm you, if you become imitators of that which is good? 1Peter 3:13

This is the second time I’ve written an encouragement for today. I write them in advance of when they’re posted, and typically, I’m several weeks ahead. On May first, I had written through May fifteen, and was on a roll. Then, my computer did a mini-crash. That’s what I call it when the screen goes blue with a bunch of weird stuff on it I don’t understand, which basically translates to, Charlie, we have a problem. We’ve just lost a lot of work (writing) we’ve done recently.

I go through the gamut of emotions and not so long ago I might have even said, “Okay, that’s it, I quit!” The thought definitely rolls through my shocked mind when I lose a lot of writing that’s going to need to be written all over again.

I might even wonder if God wants me to quit. I wonder, “Is it God, or the devil that did this?” I have to believe it’s the latter though, because I don’t think God would intentionally cause me pain; and so I laugh. Yep, I laugh at the devil and say, “Nice try, but you can’t stop me. God gave me this job, and you can’t trick me into quitting it.”

Sometimes you just have to pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and roll on.


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