And So…

Any who have read my post, Momma’s Penny, will know from where this one comes. I wrote it in response to the dVerse Poets Pub prompt, Poetics: Through the lens. One of the picture prompts just jumped off the page at me, and this is what I saw.

And So…


Brilliant colors exploding  SONY DSC

Brightness beyond compare

Nighttime suddenly alive

Was that a man on a cross

Or did I simply see hope


The eye of God was there

As my soul sped through the sky

I thought surely I was dreaming

Then at once as I flew

I realized the march was at an end

I said, “And so… this is dying.”


Copyright © 2013 C Mashburn


Please check out the artwork at Leovi. It is awesome


  1. Sherry Mashburn said


  2. the play of the shadow in the corner and the light in the opposite really play into your words…what a journey it will be when our time comes…i wonder if we will even be able to comprehend that first glimse…when our march comes to an end…wonderful take sir…i wish good weather tomorrow as you honor her…

    • Your kind words are much appreciated, Brian. The poem could probably use some re-writing, but it was late, and I just put it down like it came to me. Awesome artwork; I could write for days with inspiration like that!

  3. This is beautiful Charles =)

    The latest prompt is up if you would like to participate =)

    • Thank you. I’ll look at the prompt and try to get something written for you. Busy day today, but maybe tomorrow.

      • No rush even if you are late you can always just upload to the most recent Mr. Linky with a note as to which prompt it is for I really don’t bother about dead lines not with a small group

      • I’m all over it! Great choice of words for your prompt!!

      • Thank you I was very excited about the wordle lol

      • 🙂

  4. Well I hope it’s as colourful as that…the end of this march. Quite lovely and peaceful. Great take on the prompt Charles!

  5. …release & leave everything to Him… comfort yourselves with all these undying presence of our Lord. … smiles… thank you for the poem…

  6. David King said

    If this be dying, why does it haunt us so? Great write.

  7. And so… this is dying…

    …those words linger…wonderful take on that image…felt.

  8. Mary said

    I like what you did with the prompt, Charles. Fascinating to contemplate what death might be like. Your poem gives one view!

  9. Oh yes, this sounds exactly like those near-death experience people have experienced. I like your interpretation, and in all quite comforting.

  10. Laurie Kolp said

    Wow, Charles!

  11. Myrna said

    For some reason themes of death haunt me today. I like the hope you instill in this. May it be as splendid as your poem and the colors of the painting.

  12. Akila said

    Loved the journey!

  13. The soul speeding across the sky is a wonderful image!

  14. Leovi said

    A beautiful and moving poem, love it! Thank you!

  15. Oh wow. This one made me think for a minute. The crucifixion is one intense topic and you wrote this so well. The final line is so strong and packed with emotion. Absolutely amazing.

  16. I love the entire “trip” and especially it’s conclusion. I love the “no fear.”

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