There Be Silence

Though it may seem a lie, I am not obsessed with death. It is a season we must too often witness and one day endure, but until it is our earthly end, I believe we should turn away from it, ever marching toward the good light through this dark and sometimes dreary world. My hope is that in the words I share, you will find the light–the light that sorrow often dims. My wish is that I might blaze a trail to help us all find the peace and comfort that is ours should we but receive it. My want is merely to love and be loved as I walk this earth with you.

There Be Silence


Naked she arrives, wailing

A soul, somatic, and helpless

A sylph, merely passing through

Yearning at once to depart

The seamless darkness that is this earth

Ever seeking the light leovi6

Tethered against her wishes

Between heaven and hell

Enticed by valueless riches

Yet, giving in to none

Moving each day, one turn closer

Like a howling freight train

Rushing through an underground tunnel

Toward the speck of brightness at its end

And then… there be silence


Copyright © 2013 C Mashburn


 This piece was stirred into existence by the wordle challenge of mindlovemisery‘s weekly invitation to write. It was also inspired by the photographic art of Leovi, which is absolutely mind-boggling!


  1. This is fabulous Charles, absolutely fabulous! I can see why Leovi’s work helped inspired this its such a beautiful organic poem =)

  2. Beautiful words Charles. I love the imagery of the sylph.

  3. Sherry Mashburn said

    Wow! Beautifully done.

  4. annell4 said

    And WOW! back at you!!!

  5. Leovi said

    Really awesome to get to that final silence!

  6. Brilliant!!! 🙂 🙂

  7. Robyn said

    That silence was powerful!

  8. This is very impressive …the ten words and a perfect match to the
    artwork ..Chapeau!

  9. charleenm said

    This is a very serious piece and well done, but it so reminds me of this picture…

    Sorry. I had to share.

  10. Oh yes that’s the end, and a great fit to the artwork…

  11. This is a wow–Loved it

  12. very well done…powerful…mind tingling

  13. Talon said

    I love the inspiration – very cool photo. And a very intriguing poem to go with it…like the dawn of humanity.

  14. Mary said

    Hmmm, the silence at the end is indeed telling.

    • Thanks, Mary. To be honest, that was kind of unexpected. Just kind of came to me right at the end.

  15. nice…you did really well with this one too charles…love that she ingored what needs ignoring and the allusion to the train ever barreling forward toward that point of light at the end of the tunnel…..

  16. Silence is in the quiet. 🙂 Great JOB


  17. Myrna said

    Every once in a while, I think I’ve conquered my fear of death. Then a poem like yours comes around and once again I must face the inevitable and recognize that I’m scared, human and seeking light in this dark earth. Your poem acknowledges the darkness and death, yet I felt hope and comfort in reading it.

  18. The visuals in this one are stunning. Well done, Charles.

  19. Truedessa said

    Wow, this is amazing how you were able to weave this poem from the art..the journey to silence.

  20. Peace to you, my friend. Your intro made this piece all the more interesting for me.

  21. ayala said

    Beautifully penned, Charles.

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