A Blue Bye You

I can’t decide if this is a serious write, or a slightly colorful tongue in cheek rambling. It’s supposed to be synesthesia-sensory confusion, but I’m thinking it’s mostly just plain old senseless confusion. You be the judge.

A Blue Bye You


Red hot passion

Cooled by black ribbons of asphalt

And hearts grew not fonder

As fear of losing you

Colored my world

An angry shade of green


I weighed the cost

Deciding the payments

Would put me in the red

Called to say goodbye

The connection was bad

You said I was breaking up

I said, yes


Copyright © 2013 C Mashburn


Sharing this on dVerse Poets Pub this evening.


  1. an angry shade of green eh…smiles. fear of losing someone can def make us a little crazy…nice work with the colors sir…breaking up…not sure if its the phone or…smiles.

  2. Sherry Mashburn said


  3. charleenm said

    I love the use of color in your poem. Well done.

  4. Well I like it… how it all comes around to breaking up… very colourful but you know try as I might can’t think of green as angry…think I like green too much! 🙂 Great write Charles!

    • Well, I didn’t want to use red again, which was a better fit, and green with envy came to mind, so I went with it. Sorry to shed a bad shade on your fave color! 🙂

  5. henna ink said

    Wow! This is awesome! I love it. Especially the opening. Really quite excellent, Charles.

  6. zongrik said

    breaking up at the end kind of goes with the asphalt in the beginning.

  7. This is too clever. Love the last lines and the way you incorporate color in this, Charles.

  8. An angry shade of green reminds me of “whiter shade of pale”. And I love the breaking connection metaphor for a real break-up. Awesome imagery here. -Mike

    • Whiter shade of pale definitely came to mind as I wrote this, but I didn’t want to get too carried away.
      Thank you very much, Mike!

  9. Akila said

    Ah! you caught me in the second para! 🙂

  10. Mary said

    I love the word play in the last stanza. Sometimes those poor connections are meant to be!

  11. Loved the play on words “Blue Bye You” esp. The ending surprising and perfect!

  12. Ah this was a very nice poem and play with colors… and I think I got the meaning in the end… many ways of breaking up.

  13. Truedessa said


    Confusion? I think not, what I see is a colorful play on words. A sad connection through the lines.

    The connection was bad

    You said I was breaking up

    I said, yes

    I thought I would wander over to see what you have been writing and I’m glad I did.

  14. Rowan Taw said

    “Black ribbons of asphalt” – an intriguing image/emotion portending darkness. I enjoyed your color play.

  15. janehewey said

    clever artistry. I love what you’ve done with personifying the colors and your twist in the ending. great!

  16. …aww.. now that’s something… breaking up means a brand new one cuz we can’t just settle to anything less right?… haha… i loved this… smiles…

  17. I love the contrast between colors and emotion. Great!

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