And, The Crowd Went Wild! ~ June 1

And, The Crowd Went Wild!

But I didn’t hear a thing

He stilled the storm to a whisper; the waves of the sea were hushed. Psalm 107:29

A high school baseball player had just caught the final called strike in the championship game. Asked what it was like when he caught the last pitch, the young catcher said things were totally silent from the time the pitcher went into his windup until the time the ball smacked into his mitt. Actually, the stadium crowd was going crazy; the place was a madhouse!

We’ve seen moments like this in movies; the last out, the big catch, the winning run. We may have even been in situations where time seemed to pause, and the world fell silent for a few moments. Was it this way when Jesus calmed the sea? Did those in the boat live a few moments in silent, awed glory with Jesus?

When that final pitch was thrown, nothing else in the world was important to the catcher. The world consisted of the ball being delivered to his mitt. In the midst of the storm, the disciples focused on Jesus; He was their world, and without Him they were lost. We can live many moments like this with Jesus, if we’re focused on Him. Let Him shut out the noisy storms of this anxious world. Focus on Him. Hear the whisper of the gentle waves of His love as they wash over your life.

Rest in His peace.


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