It’s A Dog’s Life ~ Intro

I guess she doesn’t remember the burglar. Go figure. She thinks all I do is lie around, eat, and chase that stupid tennis ball. You’d think she’d take a hint about the dang ball. I mean, most people quit pickin’ it up after it’s so wet it drips. Not her. Sometimes I think she’s the one should have to do her business in the yard. I could do that whole toilet thing, you know. Oh, sure. But has anybody ever tried to get me to? Heck, no. Take him for a walk, they say. Let him out in the back yard, they say. The dumb shits—no pun intended.

Now this one—the pretty lady—she’s okay most of the time. She pays more attention to me than the others do anyway—except in the mornings. Those handmade cigarettes she smokes with her coffee seem to be the problem. Some days, when she doesn’t smoke one she’s great. Wanna go for a walk? She asks me—about a hundred times, like I’m stupid or maybe deaf.

You talkin ta me?

You talkin ta me?

Heck, yes, I wanna go for a walk. Anytime, anyplace. I was made for walkin’. Favorite song: Walkin’ The Dog. If you ain’t figured it out by now, I’m the dog. And if you have a dog, or ever had one, you’ve probably done some stuff in front of it where you said to yourself, good thing dogs can’t talk. Am I right? The joke’s on you! Word on the sidewalk is, we’re comin’ out, and we’re tellin’ all. Oh! Oh! Can you smell that? I think about a billion humans just dumped in their drawers!

To be continued… (Click on links below)

I’m submitting this in response to mindlovemisery‘s prompt. Her theme this week is Personification! Personification is the attribution of human nature or character to animals, inanimate objects, or abstract notions, and I love writing stories where the dog, cat–any animal is the narrator. It’s A Dog’s Life is probably my most favorite short story written from the dog’s perspective. It’s rather long, but if you like a good dog tail, print it out and curl up in your Lazy Boy; I think you’ll get a kick out of this one:

It’s A Dog’s Life

It’s A Dog’s Life ~ Part two

It’s A Dog’s Life ~ Part three

It’s A Dog’s Life ~ Part four

It’s A Dog’s Life ~ Part five

It’s A Dog’s Life ~ Part six


  1. This is great and that is a scary thought! I am a pretty embarrassing person on my best days lol

    • Tell me about it! I am so glad my pets could not talk or write!

      • I have a 5 year old and sometimes I wish she didn’t feel the need to share everything about me haha

      • haha! I know what you mean. Been a long time since I had a five year old, but I remember it well.

  2. so cute! This prompt took me to my dogs thoughts as well!

  3. SSMatthews said


  4. Leovi said

    Impressive, is a delightful story!

  5. howanxious said

    Amazing.. A humorous read. 🙂

  6. Adorable… my precious dog is no longer with me. I miss her. I often wondered what she was thinking behind those brown eyes.

    • I’m so sorry. We lost our sweet little Dockers last Thanksgiving; she’d been with us almost 17 years. Man, that hurt!
      Thanks for stopping by!

  7. haha…wonder what my cat is saying about me as he prowls the neighborhood right now…smiles…will def continue reading this one charles…def the start to a rather fun tale…

    • I think you’ll enjoy the story, Brian. I’m pleased you would like to read it!
      I’d also bet you can write some pretty good stuff about what your cat might be thinking.

  8. nessa1313 said

    This sounds just like a puppy. Fun.

  9. Charles … interesting … just found this thanks to Heidi Barnes. Also, just found out you are a Texas neighbor … I have worked in Killeen for the past 20 years. I shall return!!!

  10. hypercryptical said

    Brilliant. W may long to be a fly on the wall at times – but I guess we should consider the dog in the yard…

    Anna :o]

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