Well, Blow Me Down!

Almost anywhere you live there is something challenging about the weather. Some places are brutally cold in winter, others are scorching hot in the summer, some are prone to flooding, and still others are constantly on the lookout for hurricanes when they’re in season. But tornado alley takes the prize. For the life of me, I don’t know why people live there, and I think a lot of folks in Oklahoma City will agree with me on that these days. The Texas panhandle is at the lower end of tornado alley. I was born there, but ain’t no way I’m going back.

Well, Blow Me Down!


When I was young

Typical tree in the panhandle ( on a still day)

Typical tree in the panhandle ( on a still day)

We all lived there

The Texas panhandle

Why, I still can’t figure

Of all the places

I’ve heard called God’s country

This was certainly not one of them


But, should one enjoy seeing nothing

Many, many miles of nothing

And have no desire to wear a hat

Then this would be the place to live

I’ve never been anywhere

(and I’ve been a few places)

Where it was so flat and windy


Pa said it was the only place in the world

A man could stand knee-deep in mud

And have sand blow in his face

I can testify to that fact

Using one of today’s popular phrases

Been there, done that


Copyright © 2013 C Mashburn

Sharing this with the good folks at dVerse Poetry Pub this afternoon, on their Open Link Night #99!


  1. claudia said

    ha – sounds like the perfect place for letting kytes fly..smiles

  2. claudia said

    but maybe they carry you away with them…smiles

  3. ha. i think it was oklahoma i went to that was so flat…though parts of texas def were as well…el paso i could see the mountains over in mexico though….it’ll blow you over that is for sure…

  4. Sherry Mashburn said

    I don’t like windy . . , and I don’t like flat

  5. Been there. Used to be an old joke about Texas”Go south until you smell shit. That’s Oklahoma. Go west until you step in it.That’s Texas!>KB

  6. I have relatives down that way–your piece reminded me of family reunions there —

  7. Gary said

    Everyone knows that Arizona is God’s country!

  8. Knee deep in mud with sand blow in your face? Sounds like a nice climate. I think the work is to the point, and flows nicely. It made me smile, I hope that was your intention.

  9. Mama Zen said

    I know about that kind of wind!

    I’m an Oklahoma girl, and I wouldn’t live anywhere else.

  10. wonderfully descriptive… I can see the scene as you paint it with your words.

  11. ha! Love what ‘Pa said’! Thanks for this fun read!

  12. Sounds like a place where it’s better not to be… Remind me if I start to whine about November weather.

  13. ayala said

    Enjoyed this…nicely penned and the photo is amazing.

  14. Truedessa said


    I guess there you can hear more than a whisper in the wind..I bet that voice screams to be heard..hold on it’s a windy day.

  15. And yet the plains are beautiful in their own way…

  16. …never had an encounter to a tornado… and no thanks, i’m fine with floods & storms here… that photo of a tree in a still day is quite terrifying… what more on a not so still day… smiles…

    • Many of the trees in that area lean like the one in the picture. A very windy place!

  17. Mary said

    Interesting to read your childhood memories, Charles!!

  18. thank you:-)

  19. lived in Lubbock TX as a child – I remember the flooding rains and watching th storms across the plains – K

    • I lived there for a while when I was eight or so. Definitely flat, but I don’t remember it being as windy as the Amarillo area.
      Thanks for the visit and comment!

  20. The only place I’ve actually seen trees like this is along the rocky cliffs of Dingle peninsula in Ireland, a windy place for sure. There is a desolate feel to this type of beauty, and it takes a toughened soul to live where the winds blow like this. Nice capture.

    • Well, it doesn’t blow like that all the time, but it does it way to often for me!
      Thanks, Ginny!

  21. I yam what I yam! Good write and I’d never live in tornado country. -Mike

    • Ha! I think you might be the first one to catch on to the Popeye reference. Thanks, Mike!

  22. I think I would agree not to live there…still having said that I wonder with weather patterns the way they are is any place immune?? Cool poem Charles!

    • I think you are correct, Dianne. There seems to be something–weather-wise–about every place which makes living there a bit precarious. Although, some are definitely more exposed to certain situations.
      Thanks for stopping by again! Always enjoy your comments.

  23. Myrna said

    I’ve wondered the same, why people live there. It’s funny the choices we make in life, sometimes just irrational, because other’s do it, or because of family heritage or habit. Still, a mystery to me. You’re wise not to go back.

  24. Nicely done.

  25. Reblogged this on Marbles In My Pocket ~ The Official Blog of Charles L. Mashburn ~ Poems, Short Stories, and random thoughts from the author of "Be Still… and know that I am God" and commented:

    Weather… or not? It’s been raining a LOT in east Texas this spring, but it’ll be hotter’n blue blazes afore we know it!

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