Bully Birds

The picture is the view from my kitchen window. While washing the tomatoes you see in the 002foreground—picked them from my garden yesterday—I watched a most interesting scene unfold on the flowers you see. (I don’t know what kind of flowers those are; if you do, please tell me.)

There were three little birds flitting around the flowers, going from flower to flower, apparently eating the seeds from the blooms. The interesting thing was it became quickly obvious at least one of the birds was a bully. After watching them for a few minutes, I decided maybe all of them were or, they had one strange system of sharing the seeds.

One bird would land on a flower and peck at it for a few seconds, then the bully bird would chase him off

mine mine mine mine mine

mine mine mine mine mine

the bloom and get his share. They continued to go from flower to flower this way, while the third bird seemed to feed on various blossoms at random. Then suddenly the party swung into full gear, and I couldn’t tell which bird was chasing which. All three of them seemed to be demanding to eat from the bloom occupied by one of the others.

The birds were smaller than a sparrow, but about the same color, but had a dark brown or black triangular shaped crown on top of their head. A sparrow actually landed on the fence and watched them for a few

seconds, then flew in and busted up the party.

As you might expect, my mind went many directions with regard to the scene. I’ll let you ponder what my thoughts were, and see if you have some guesses as to what they might have been.


  1. Sherry Mashburn said

    Looks like they just wanted whatever the other bird had . . . just like some people.

  2. “Bird-brains!” Teehee…actually I don’t believe that birds have little going on mentally…we have a Robin’s nest in our tree and that family is amazing they work together and one sits while the other perches and stands by the babies know what to do to get fed…but rather than the parent just dropping the food in they wait and check/assist if need be and then settle back in on top of them. I think there are two. I love watching all birds and trying to figure out what they are up to. I love your story!! Thank you for sharing! 🙂

    • I’m not a bird watcher in the purest sense, but I do enjoy watching them. We have lots of them in our back yard.

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