What? You Can See Me? ~ June 15

What? You Can See Me?

I thought I was invisible!

“Be not afraid, O land; be glad and rejoice. Surely the Lord has done great things.” Joel 2:21

After going through tough times, we often develop a what-next attitude.

But actually, this is when our faith should be strong, because, as Joel says, “Surely the Lord has done great things.” He says not only should they not be afraid, but they should be glad and rejoice. That’s hard to do when things have been going badly. But God is all about today and the next day, not the day that’s already gone by.

We also shouldn’t settle for just being unafraid. If the extent of our hope is merely to be unafraid, we settle into an un-expectant safety zone, thinking if we’re real still and quiet, the bad stuff can’t find us. But you’ve seen the movies; the bad guy is usually right around the corner.

But here’s my point: Instead of hiding from the bad stuff, go boldly around the corner—knowing God is with you—and face whatever is there head on. And just before you do, focus on God, be glad and rejoice that He is with you, then get on with it, expecting Him to do great things.


  1. Oh wow advice I needed to hear Charles I seem to always be scared that the other shoe will drop

    The new prompt is up, its been a crazy hectic week I am so behind!

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