What’s In It For Me? ~ June 20

What’s In It For Me?

That depends on what you want

He must turn from evil and do good; he must seek peace and pursue it. 1 Peter 3:11

Money is usually at the core of any and all troubles we wrestle with these days. If you look at any problem or point of dissension facing our country today, you will undoubtedly find money at its foundation. Every political argument can be traced back to money and/or possessions. Many times, the argument is veiled in the pretense of doing good. Politicians or groups wishing to sway them, proclaim the “good” they are trying to accomplish, to cover the greed driving their actions.

How wonderful would it be if our politicians—if we, for that matter—stopped basing their/our decisions, and our lives, on money. If their/our intentions were truly to do good, things would change in a wonderful way.

Our government does not seek peace. They say they want peace, but do they really? I’m not talking about peace as in no wars, I’m talking about peace right here in this country, among our fellow men. Is anyone truly seeking peace? Is anyone pursuing it?

We must turn from evil and do good by turning toward God and focusing on Him. When we pursue God’s love and knowledge we will find peace. If we seek Him, pursue Him, and love Him, evil will flee and His goodness will bring us peace.


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