Pure Madness

Though some of you might disagree, the following is not a self-portrait; it was inspired by a Catherine Ryan Hyde novel. I was only recently made aware of Ms. Hyde, and two of three books of hers I’ve read are, in my opinion, outstanding. If you like to read, get a copy of Funerals For Horses and When You Were Older. Awesome writing and fantastic reading!

Pure Madness


I worry about the ones

Who say everything is okay

While standing on a bridge

They think won’t burn


Madness is pure Madness

And since there’s no going back

You can only move deeper into it

Traveling into a tunnel of darkness


Learning from the silence

And wondering when you speak

If words came out

Or you only thought them


By the looks on faces around you

You know the answer

The words not only came forth

They were much too loud and angry


And then there are those times

When I think I read in my sleep

The same page

Over, and over, and over


Dropping the book

Then knowing the exact word I was on

Remembering things said and done

By characters formed from imagination


Madness… is a loss of innocence

A growing up… or spiraling down

Once it’s gone… your mind, that is

It’s not coming back


Copyright © 2013 C Mashburn


  1. Sherry Mashburn said

    scary!! I love that first stanza . . .it really epitomizes those who bury their heads in the sand.

    • I wasn’t even looking for the “bury their heads in the sand” effect. Strange that’s what you see in it. You’ll have to explain that to me!

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