The Middle of the Story

Sometimes, when you’re a kid, things don’t make sense, but you try to force them to. You pick up the scattered pieces and move forward as best you can. But the pieces that got lost along the way leave gaps that can’t be filled.

The Middle of the Story


mother reading

the good days

Sometimes… it makes me cry

If I stare at the bad things

(there are so many bad things)

I begin to hate them

Life seems senseless

And I don’t understand… anything


I think it started when he left

Our mother never read to us again

She stopped in the middle of the story

And so, I did the reading

Always seeing to it

Every story had an ending

It seemed better that way


I refuse to remember the best days

There were good days, you know

But they’re gone

And… I’d rather live without them

Than long for them

I feel the same way about dreams

So I have none


Copyright © 2013 C Mashburn


Sharing this on mindlovemisery’s open prompt this afternoon. Stop by and take a look at her site!


  1. Charles this is so sad and so powerful I can relate this on some level as well having grown up in an abusive/troubled home. I ended contact with my dad and its hard to think about the neutral times or the sort of good times because then I feel guilty even though I know I made the right choice to distance myself until he got himself to a healthier place which he hasn’t done. Amazing work

    • I went through a similar scenario. It is indeed sad, and given the chance, I might do it differently. Too late now.

  2. Old Grizz said

    another meandering stream..Makes me want to stop, take off my shoes and wade a while.

  3. Sherry Mashburn said

    Such a sad and hopeless tale . . . but you kept on reading!

  4. mmm felt piece charles….the loss of your own ending with dads leaving….and your mom as well…so you made up your own that were sometimes better….all too real…

    • Mostly fictitious tale here, Brian, but some reality woven throughout. Mom was always there.

  5. sorry that was me…smiles.

  6. howanxious said

    Sad and beautiful.. powerful creation!

  7. Shanique said

    I feel like I am saying sad too much for today. Great piece but I can’t imagine not having dreams.

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