Cats Are Okay, I Reckon ~ July 6

Cats Are Okay, I Reckon

But, we’re number one!

So don’t be afraid; you are worth more than many sparrows.” Matthew 10:31

God is awesome! He holds the universe in His hands, and yet, He is with each of us every single moment of our lives. His power and love are so vast we cannot comprehend them, and yet, He sets us before Him and places value on us. Why then are we afraid?

I contend I have less fear than most people do, but still, I know there are times when I worry about this or that, and worry is a form of fear. I’m pretty good at not being afraid of the big things, but the little ones often give me pause. One thing that helps me to not worry is to remember the many times I’ve spent way too much time worrying about something, only to have it turn out to be nothing at all.

Another thing that helps me is my ever-increasing faith that God has a plan, I’m part of the plan, and He will see me through any and all situations. To me, faith is a lack of fear. It seems to me if we are focused on God and spend most of our time loving Him, our hope and our faith will push our fears away.

God loves all creatures—birds, dogs, horses, aardvarks (cats too, I suppose), but we are worth more than any of them to Him. We are His beloved children. We’re number one!



  1. gmapoetry said

    Regarding your title, i was thinking again about how God gave us dominion over the animals and yet for many people I know there is an animal in their life whose needs (and cares, as well as their emotions ?) rule the roost in the ives of their masters. I have seen that people who have trouble relating to their peers, withdraw from them to find a relationship with an animal more fulfilling. I think this is a sad situation. Of course just because some people love and care for their pets does not put them in this category.

  2. I think cats feel the same way about us. We are just warm blooded furniture to them. Thanks

  3. gmapoetry said

    After carrying on about the title, I’ll go back to your statement about faith being a lack of fear. I agree and for me I would add that momentary fear can be quickly overcome by a remembrance of the promises of God on which my faith rests. Even in times of stress i speak to God about it and the calm He promises is mine. God is good, all the time. Hallelujah.

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