It’s Over

Life’s a puzzle, and we all fit somewhere—I think. (I’m still wondering about Jay Ledbetter.) Anyway, I wrote this silly story a few years ago for one of Kellie Elmore’s Free Write Fridays, and had to turn it into a poem so I could use it on dVerse Poets Pub’s Poetics feature tonight. Enjoy!

It’s Over


I’m a piece of the larger puzzle

Much like some of the other pieces

Slightly different than some

And the opposite of others


I know I have a place in the big picture

But where, is anybody’s guess

With all the other dark green pieces

That’s all I know for sure.


My biggest fear is getting lost

In fact, I’m fearing the worst right now

Since the kid just dumped us on the floor

And here she comes again


Oh, horror of horrors puzzle socks

she’s got grape jam

on the bottom of one of her socks

Oof! Ow! Mmmmpph! Sputter!



You ever tried to breathe through grape jam

Yikes! Off we go now

A blue piece with a wisp of cloud

Is stuck next to me; he falls off in the hallway


I gaze longingly back at him

He’ll be easy to find

There in the hallway

My fate… remains unknown.


I feel air on my gray side

And realize I’m coming unstuck

Hope springs up in my pressed core

Oh, If I only had outties


You know, those little nubs some pieces have

I could try and push off to freedom

But alas, I’ve got innies on all four sides

Of my dark green self


I loathe being green, by the way

There’s always too damn much green

And we’re always shoved aside

And put in place last


I was the last piece once

Which was kind of cool in a way

I completed the picture

But uncool in another sense


Because, we were soon torn apart

Put in the box and stuck in the closet

I hate closets; drawers, too

Bookshelves are cool, though


We’ve entered her room, and…

Oh! I’m free! I’m falling

And there’s always the hope

I’ll be kicked into the middle of the room


Oh good! I’m face down! But!

Too close to the…

What if she kicks me under the…

Aaaaaaagh!… blink blink blink… … bed


It’s over… They’ll never find me now


Copyright © 2013 C Mashburn


  1. Gosh what a wonderful personification! I love the journey of the piece; I was right there with it.

  2. Sherry Mashburn said

    just too funny , , ,

  3. ha. the perilous life of a puzzle piece…fidning out where we fit, that is never easy…the grape jam on the sock, that made me laugh…and then kicked under the bed…i think i would def find life very hard so far from my pic…smiles…

  4. Like the voice Charles ~ I hope you find your way back to the pile again, smiles ~

  5. Mary said

    Ha, Charles….this was a really interesting take. It would be awful to be the lost puzzle piece or one that was mutilated with grape jam!

  6. …we are indeed in some way or another connected to each other… a part of something bigger than us… but we can’t fulfill fully our role to this big puzzle if we ourselves are not yet completed… we play a vital role in this world & if we think this role is already our biggest task then we may have to rethink again… for me our biggest task is to improve ourselves individually… the perfection of the small parts are the perfection of the whole nation… smiles…

  7. Pink Woods said

    So creative of you! I love this all puzzle pieces ideas. 🙂 Great one!

  8. This is such a charming poem Charles! I love it =) Great and humorous personification. The new prompt is up I have been so insanely busy lately yeesh but its there

    • I’m glad you enjoyed it!
      I’ll get over there this morning and see what ya got cookin!

  9. Ah to be the lost piece.. there are so many great parts in this poem that can be read as imagery of larger stories… to by the unsignificant green piece or the one completing the picture or even sticky by grape jam. Fun and deep at the same time.

    • Deep purple–jam. 🙂 Soil-ent green? (oh… that was bad)
      Thanks, Bjorn! I’m glad you enjoyed it!

  10. gailatthefarm said

    From the view of a puzzle piece…how very unique!

  11. Rowan Taw said

    This was just so amusing, Charles!

  12. hypercryptical said

    Brilliant – a really enjoyable read. Thanks Charles.
    Anna :o]

  13. Marya said

    Oh, this is very whimsical, Charles. I love how you put yourself into the skin of a puzzle piece. It’s a bit of a horror film, especially when the grape jelly threatens… 🙂

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