One: She Beckons Me Come

I’ve mentioned my fascination with wolves before; I’ve been intrigued by them since I was a child, and later in life the interest grew to include the mythological werewolf. In the late nineteen-nineties I stumbled upon the writings of Robert McCammon, and was immediately captivated by his talented representations of the sometimes man- sometimes wolf creature; he has a way of making them seem real and believable.


One: She Beckons Me Come


Alone, confused, and dazed

On my belly beside a stream

Water gurgles its way to the river

Rippling face stares back at me


Cupping my hands, I drink

The change begins to take place

Teeth grow large, face extends

Ancient heart begins to race


Bones crackle and muscles ripple

Smooth skin becomes hair covered hide

Gasping as pain overcomes me

I turn slowly and lay on my side


Sight dims, I swoon and faint

Then cower in a lair dark and deep

Mind dull and filled with nothing

I awake then and leap to my feet


Growling, I run with abandon

Wind rushing through gray-black fur

I crash through the stream then trees

Not knowing, but running to her


Her calls echo deep in the forest

Mournful, a sirens’ song sound

She beckons me come to her side

I stumble then roll ‘cross the ground


Whimpering, I struggle to rise

Bewildered, I cannot stand

Forefeet snap and burn

And quickly turn into hands


I groan, half human, half beast

Thrashing and fighting the change

In my mind, quick spiraling down

Once again, body roaring with pain


Awake now, in silent black forest

Lost, and naked, and cold

Glowing, eyes watch from a distance

Blink once… and then she is gone


Copyright © C. Mashburn 1999

See the rest of the series and other wolf poems by clicking here —> Changed ~ The series

Sharing this with mindlovemisery on her Prompt 11 – Literary Idols. She’s asked us to write something that was inspired by our favorite poet or author. I don’t have a favorite poet, but my favorite author is Robert McCammon, and he has been a great inspiration to me.


  1. This is awesome in its descriptive visualization. A movie in my mind!

  2. Love werewolf tales too – fascinating stories, and endless possibilities for drama

  3. howanxious said

    Great imagery! And your words captured the entire transformation.. that is amazing!

  4. I know i commented on this on the older version just yesterday but wow!

  5. heidi said

    This is awesome. I love werewolves, although they always remind me of the “Young Frankenstein” line “Werewolf?” “There wolf!”

  6. Oloriel said

    Very haunting words, there were moments where my spine went into chills. Enjoyed reading!

  7. Marya said

    What a vivid metamorphosis!

  8. were wolves def carry a mix of the old world for me…the horror much different than the slasher in the face kind now….the animal inside each of us finally having its way…not sure if this is the one, i know i have read a were wolf one by you at least…but enjoyed sir…hope you are doing well…

    • Glad you enjoyed it, Brian. I’m doing great. Busier than a one-legged man in a butt-kickin contest, but all is well. Trying to get a poem written for yesterday’s open link, but time is getting away from me!

  9. SSMatthews said

    Love this transformation. I haven’t read McCammon and will have to wait on that until I’ve finished with my own work on the subject. i wouldn’t want to unintentionally mimic someone else’s work. But when I’m done, I’ll sure look him up! Nice to meet another werewolf fan.

    • McCammon is an awesome writer, and has several novels that are not about werewolves which are fantastic. Gone South and Boy’s Life are two of my favorites.

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