The Sun Went Down Again

I wrote a humorous piece yesterday, “It’s Over”, inspired by a prompt about puzzles. Another blogger posted one about the most puzzling puzzle of them all; love. Then, this morning, I came across another blog where the writer displays  the picture below and asks for poems about it. So many things ran through my mind, as I contemplated sunsets, puzzles, and love, and I thought about a poem I wrote many years ago called “The Sun Came Up Again”; it’s one of my favorites. The following is another take on it; another piece of the puzzle.

The Sun Went Down Again


The sun went down again

Across the bay

Slipping behind scuttling clouds

Melting across the gray sky


Pulsing white

Then golden hazy yellow

Growing weaker each moment

As another day ended


Darkness fell ‘cross my arms

And as I wrote

The thought crossed my mind

That I’d said too little

Wondered too much

And allowed things to change


I felt empty with regret

Knowing I could have changed them

Had I but tried

Fear… had stilled my tongue


I’ve done this before

Keeping it all within

Afraid to be honest

Afraid to love


So many times

I’ve watched the sun go down

Regretting words unspoken

As another night obscured me


You would think I’d learn


I have learned


I’ve learned

That the sun will come up

And it will go down again each day

But even in its absence

We can feel it

Its warmth and brightness

Is still there… somewhere


Love is like that

At times you can bask in its warmth

Feel its arms wrapped around you

A flash of it lies across your heart


Then at other times

It falls behind dark hills

And our hearts—our world—grows cool

It’s still there

Just not as obvious

Not as bright

Not as warm


You have to know it’s there

Never doubt it

Never stop feeling it

Just knowing that somewhere

The other side of blue mountains

Behind the walls of unsaid words

It is there, but…


You have to want it to be there

You have to let it be there


Copyright © 2013 C Mashburn

Wrote this for the prompt at howanxious . Take a look at her blog if you have time, and join in on his weekend prompt.


  1. howanxious said

    beautiful poem.. love is something that needs to be felt. it is always there in some way or another, if only we find it. great job!
    and thanks for participating..
    and just a request.. would you please edit the word ‘her’ with ‘his’, as you are referring to me in the post. thanks.

  2. Oh wow Charles this is stunning work! Very true, like you I sometimes keep things inside but I have also said plenty of things I shouldn’t have my filter is not working very well it seems, hopefully age will find me a little wiser. Love the sense of hope in this =)

    • Actually, I don’t keep things inside much anymore. I tend to let ‘er rip, and see where the pieces fall. I figure as long as you deal in truth, you got nothing to be afraid of.

  3. So comforting. Thanks for a lovely way to write about love!

  4. Lovely

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