The Big Bang

I am constantly amazed at the “wealth” of information our generation continues to trip over. I’ll venture to say that several times daily (at least), new information is presented, and a large percentage of our gullible species swallows it whole. Or, if not whole, in little nibbles they can chew comfortably while the rest is absorbed through their skin. Just a word of advice from an old(er) redneck: if a sentence starts with “studies show”, stop reading.

The Big Bang


Maybe it was a huge explosion

That started this whole mess

But in the case of man

Probably more like a small poof

Your clothes... give them to me now.

Your clothes… give them to me now.

A cloud of dust, then there he was

Looking like a miniature version

Of the terminator

It’s amazing what 13.7 billion years

Will do to a species


Science knows

They know they can kick the can

Down the road to the next generation

Shoulders back and chin out

Proclaiming their theory to be

The gospel truth

Lying so loud and so often

They believe the myth of their animism

Mysteries they cannot answer today

Will surely be answered…

Sometime in the future…

When trees can talk


Copyright © 2013 C Mashburn


Sharing this bit of weirdness on dVerse Poets Pub’s Open Link Night #104. A day late, but hey, I’m a busy fella!



  1. Sherry Mashburn said

    Very good take on blindly accepting everything as truth without validation. I experienced this yesterday when I read a report that was filled with statistics from a “prior published report”. The prior report cannot be located. When I contacted the person that presented me with the current report and asked, he had never seen the original report with the numbers . . . he just accepted the numbers from a “source”. I followed up with the source, and he, too, had never seen the original report, just took the word of another “source”. Still searching for the original published report.

  2. hey i am looking forward to the day trees can talk…our small minds, ha…we need an answer to everything…i guess if i did sit ups for 13 million years it might help, you know…ha on sherry’s comment as well…too funny…again, our small minds.


    • How do you know they’re not talking now?? I saw an article that said… hahaha.
      Thanks, Brian!

  3. A humanity.. the optimism…we can always push the solution till later. Love what you did here.

  4. Don’t trees talk in the northern hemisphere?:)

    • Only to some of us who are listening. You have to want to understand their language.

  5. Truedessa said

    Well, I love the thought of talking trees and I for one love to hear their whispers. Thanks for that…

  6. shanyns said

    It must be true – I saw it on-line and a study showed it! Very good…I think the trees will tell the truth because their roots have known all our secrets for a long time!

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