We’re Only as Good… ~ July 15

We’re Only as Good…

As our last mistake?

Above all, love each other deeply, because love covers over a multitude of sins.1Peter 4:8

Or you might say, “Love is blind.” Love is blind to the faults of those you love. When we love someone, we see their imperfections and mistakes they make, but we put no importance on those things. In many cases, those things even endear them to us. I’m not perfect in this regard, but the more I realize how much God loves me, the more I’m able to love those around me, and the more able I am to overlook—or not notice at all—the “sins” of others.

It used to be, and it’s not totally in the past, I would become quite annoyed when people would condemn me for something I’d done. It might be a small thing or a large thing, but my thinking was, “But what about all the good things I’ve done?” It always seemed to me I was judged solely for the current mistake, and all the things I’d previously done right were negated. Then at some point, I realized my being annoyed by the unfair judgment was in essence doing the same thing to the person judging me. I was looking only at the present criticism and forgetting all the many times they had loved and supported me.

Love God deeply. It will change how you see and love others, and it will change how they see you.



  1. David King said

    Sound advice, indeed.

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