A Thousand Angels Crying

If you’ve ever suffered through a broken relationship, this poem will tug at your heart strings. It is truly a sad thing to have to go through and I believe the angels do cry when they look down upon a love gone wrong.

A Thousand Angels Crying


Star filled sky on lonely night Angel crying

A thousand angels crying

Looking down upon the sight

Of another love that’s dying


Lover’s part on quiet street

Never more their lips will touch

Eyes dark with pain a last time meet

Hearts breaking, love’s weight too much


Silent night, no words left to say

All is said, the wind whispers, no

Lovers unhearing, slow walk away

To their separate tomorrows go


Golden ring there on the ground

Wind whispers, no…. trees sighing

From grey morning sky, the mournful sound

Of a thousand angels crying


Copyright © 1998 C. Mashburn

This is one of my older poems, but I don’t think I’ve shared it over at dVerse Poets Pub. I thought they might enjoy one of my melancholy oldies today on their Open Link Night #105. I hear they’re celebrating an anniversary this week. If you like poetry, stop by and read some of the wonderful offerings from a fine bunch of talented folks.


  1. Sherry Mashburn said

    so sad . . .

  2. So sad poetry I like the simple form, almost nursery rhyme, contrasting with the sadness of the subject.

  3. Oloriel said

    A very sorrowfull write, the pain was echoing through each verse.

  4. what a sad sight that ring on the ground…when a relationship breaks that hard…its not pretty…and it def pings my heart…def hearing the angels crying man..

  5. Ah, Charles, you have made me weep – particularly poignant for me at this time …

  6. shanyns said

    Ah…but for the grace of God! Sad write, but true to the heart of things more often than should be. Well done. Thanks for sharing an oldie.

  7. Truedessa said


    This is sad yet, beautiful..I can picture a thousand angels crying..

  8. Raivenne said

    Oh we don’t reach our vintages without a moment or few of these in our lives, with or without the rings. You’ve captured the final moment, that final goodbye so poignantly.

    • Yes’m. This is one a those mines where you hope you come down and still have all your parts when you hit the ground.

  9. A very sad poem, and all the elements feel the loss…wind, trees and the angels… yes the loss of love is heartbreaking. Touching poem Charles. 🙂

  10. aka_andrea said

    The ring on the ground touched me. I remember running for miles along a river path and finally stopping and finding a spot to throw mine in the river. It remains there in the place where that love ended. Nothing hurts more than love lost or makes better poetry. Nice write.

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