Don’t Be Skeert ~ July 20

Don’t Be Skeert

Be ready

He said to them, “Why are you troubled, and why do doubts rise in your minds.” Luke 24:38

I picture Jesus grinning as He asks the disciples why they are troubled. After all the time He’d spent with them, telling them time and time again He would return from the grave, they were still frightened when He appeared before them. Even after He showed them the scars on His hands and feet, they still didn’t think it was Him. What was wrong with these guys?

Probably the same thing that’s wrong with most of us: short memories. We go through much of our time here on earth—especially in the U.S.—living a relative life of ease, never giving much thought to all our blessings and where they come from. Then a bit of trouble comes our way, and we’re hollering for God to rescue us.

We sit in the pew or watch our favorite preacher on TV, nodding at the words of wisdom and encouragement, secure in our hope that our faith will get us into heaven when all is said and done. We hear the good news that Jesus will one day return, and we talk about how we can’t wait for that glorious day.

But if Jesus showed up today, what would we do? Would we be afraid? Would we know it was Him? Are we ready?



  1. Every morning when I first arise I thank God for all the blessings bestowed upon my family! Even in the tough times, especially right now with my husband’s hospital confinement (Day 72), I never forget to glorify Him with thankfulness.

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